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Welcome to Airsoft Extreme

NEW AIP Parts have arrived!

A shipment of AIP parts have arrived for all of you GGB upgrade needs! 

Click the image to see whats in and upgrade your GBB today! 
NEW Guard Dogs Protective Eyewear!

Guard Dog offers numerous goggle and sunglass styles especially designed to keep wind, bugs, dust, sand, snow, sun and anything else that flies at you, out of your eyes. With 11 different lens options available in most styles, they have every light and weather condition handled. 

Click the image to see whats new from Guard Dog! 
NEW ProArms Heavy Duty Belts

Looking for a tough, versatile, and affordable tactical belt?  Look no further than the Pro Arms Heavy Duty Belt. At 1.5" width, these nylon belts are designed to fit into standard pant loops, providing a solid foundation for mounting a holster and mag pouches. The Heavy Duty Belt is a must for any serious airsofter looking for a piece of kit that is tough and applicable to a wide variety of uses.

Click the image to gear up today! 
NEW Condor Rip Away EMT Lite!

The Condor EMT Lite is the redesigned personal version of the MA41 Rip Away EMT. It's compact  design is great to hold a complete first aid kit for a single person, while the  outside webbing can hold additional MOLLE Attachments or chem-lights. It  features a grab handle for quick tear-away transfers or load out switching, as  well as a quick access pull tongue to open the pouch.

Click the image to see whats new! 
NEW ICS TransforM4 Carbine!

ICS releases their latest iteration of their CXP Pro Line concept M4s in the form of the TransforM4 UK1 AEGs. If you are a fan of the ICS gearbox system, or have always wanted to check it out, the appearance of the TransforM4 definitely sets this guns apart and above from the standard M4 crowd.

Click the image to learn more! 
NEW NcSTAR Optics!

3 new optics from NcSTAR are now available in TAN! The shooter series, Red Dot Reflex Optics and the 4 Reticle sight.

Click the image to see whats new! 
IN STOCK Hakkotsu Thunder B!

We've restocked our Thunder B Grenades along with the new Hakkotsu Thunder B pineapple CO2 Grenade player pack!

Click the image to see whats new! 
NEW parts and accessories from APS!

We've just recieved all new products from APS including new M4/M16 stocks and more!

Click the image to see whats new from APS Conceptions! 
PRE ORDER Wolverine SMP kits!

The Wolverine SMP kits have sold out but another shipment is on its way! These sell out fast so don't wait. Pre Order yours today!

Click the image to pre order your Wolverine SMP Kit! 

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Customers will be responsible for applicable taxes. Only CA residents must pay a sales tax of 8.25%. Amount of taxes vary for Europe and Asia and Airsoft Extreme will provide the necessary documentation to minimize hassle and unnecessary surcharges. Airsoft Extreme will NOT accept AEG or GBB orders from Canada (accessories and parts ok).


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