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Reviews - CA SLR-105

Airsoft Extreme Review of the Classic Army SLR-105

Airsoft Extreme is proud to bring you a complete review of the latest offering by Classic Army, the SLR-105. For those who don’t know, the Classic Army SLR-105 is a licensed copy of the real SLR-105 AK made by Arsenal of Bulgaria. Arsenal in turn produces copies of the ultramodern Russian AK-74 for Eastern European countries. Unlike the real AK-47, the real SLR-105 fires a 5.45mm round, rather than a 7.62mm round. The Arsenal SLR-105 also happens to be the only 5.45mm AK that is currently imported in the US. This rifle is the most modern assault rifle issued to the armies of former Soviet countries, replacing the AK-47 that has been around since the Vietnam era. Classic Army has done a fantastic job of replicating the newest version of the famed AK. We will take you through a detailed walkthrough of this great new replica.


First of all, the SLR-105 has a clean flat matte black finish that makes it feel and look like the real rifle. From the grips to the stock, the ABS feels exactly like the real steel versions. True to form, Classic Army has built this gun using a metal receiver, although it is a lightweight aluminum as opposed to steel used in the real weapon. This does not mean it is weak by any means and will be easier to carry in the field without getting fatigued too quickly. The rear sight block, however, is still plastic, but the rest of the barrel assembly – the outer barrel, gas tube, and front and rear sights – is metal. The selector switch is very similar to the Tokyo Marui version with one slight difference, there is no small "button" over the screw that holds it on to the gun. The front and rear sights are fully adjustable and work like the Marui AK. The ribbed top receiver gives the gun a clean, modern appearance and fits tightly on the receiver. The detail put in all areas of the rifle are top notch.

Here is a close up look at the gas tube and foregrips.

Here you can see the detail in the fully adjustable rear sight and rear sight block.

The left side of the AEG displays the accurately reproduced markings.

Here you can see the selector switch detail.

The ABS stock even has the indented sides. This does not interfere with a large type battery, allowing installation of a 8.4V 3600 mah battery or 9.6V 1700 mah 4/5C battery.

The sight picture is very crisp looking and will make acquiring your target an easy task.

The SLR-105 comes with a 600 round hicap magazine.

Here is a close up shot of the pistol grip. Notice the checkerboard pattern on the grip. The ABS looks and feels like the real deal.

The top ribbed receiver.

Performance and Features

As with all currently produced Classic Army AEGs, the CA SLR-105 is not only built solidly, but offers great performance straight out of the box. The stock velocity is 310-320fps with a 0.20g BB (ToyTec) and draws 13-14 amps. The rate of fire with an 8.4v battery is roughly 700 rounds per minute and jumps to 900 rounds per minute with a 9.6v battery. The hicap magazine feeds flawlessly and the AEG can accept Marui hicaps and standards with no problems. A large type battery fits nice in the stock and appears to have room for a 9.6v large type but the wires for the battery seem to prevent the rear butt plate from closing completely. This was a little disappointing but it is just like the Marui AK. One major difference is that rear butt plate is attached to the stock by two flathead screws and does not "snap" on like the Tokyo Marui model. While this does not facitlitate fast battery changes, it does 1) duplicate the real SLR exactly and 2) prevents that common problem with Marui AKs: lost buttstock plates. One nice feature the SLR-105 has is the rear sling swivel. Instead of having it attached to the receiver itself, it is on the stock as shown in the picture below.

This design is very handy for a right handed person, but for a lefty you would need to attach a 3 point type sling to the rear like usual. Nice feature and clean looking, but not 100% user friendly.

The SLR-105's hopup adjustment knob is placed and functions exactly like the Marui AK-47

Taking the SLR-105 apart is just like taking a Tokyo Marui AK-47 apart.

After removing the top plate, the inner plastic bolt housing is exposed and is pleasantly familiar.

Four screws hold the front barrel assembly to the receiver. The top bolt cover is held on by the small side screw as pictured, as well as the hop up adjustment lever screw.

The upper front receiver of the SLR-105 has all the same features as the Marui as you can see in the 2 pictures above.

After removing the pistol grip, the CA Hyper short motor is exposed.

Standard version 3 gearbox but with black selector arm and top rib piece for the shell.

On the opposite side, it looks identical to a Marui AK gearbox.

Once the gearbox is opened, you see all the parts you come to expect from a Classic Army AEG. Like all their latest models, they all sport a polycarbonate piston, uni-directional piston head, a reinforced standard ratio flat gear set, and a brass spring guide just like the Area 1000 Ver3 spring guide. This is one strong gear box! The compression in the cylinder was excellent. We did add a little grease to the brass nozzle on the cylinder head to eliminate a small air leak. Other than that, it was a tight seal. We checked the shimming and it was a little loose, but not enough to be worried about. There was some minor play in the gears and the bushings were a little dry, but nothing a little oil didn’t fix when applied to the gearbox from the outside. We installed a Systema M120 spring into the gun after checking the most important areas and making sure the seal and shimming was done properly. After reassembling the gun, we test fired it with the same BB's as before (ToyTec 0.20g) and it was firing 375-385fps and drew 16-17 amps. A Guarder SP120 spring should have no problem pushing this gun to 400 fps with 0.2g bbs. The gun after upgrading sounded snappy and quite intimidating…just like an AK should! At the higher velocity, the rate of fire was around 600 rounds per minute with an 8.4v battery and jumped up to 800 rounds per minute with a 9.6v battery.


Like all of their AEG's, the Classic Army SLR-105 is top notch when it comes to details, performance and price. It is strongly built, and should withstanding hard usage with a minimum of upgrading. Out of the box it shoots a respectable fps and can be easily upgraded to shoot as hard as you need it to shoot. The gun will accept current Marui AK aftermarket accessories and the internals are fully compatible with everything on the market. As with all Classic Army AEGs, the performance and features you get from this gun is well worth the price when you compare it to a Marui AK. Lastly, we show you on a fitting red background a SLR-105 with a real Russian AK side scope mount, weaver rail attachment, and Dragunov style 6X lit reticle scope…all available at Airsoft Extreme. Authentic accessories for an authentic AK-74 replica! Enjoy!

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