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Reviews - G&G UMG

Airsoft Extreme Review of the G&G UMG

We recently received a working prototype of the NEW G&G UMG. Having personally handled and shot a real UMP .45, we were very eager to compare this gun with our experience with the real one as well as evaluate it as an AEG.


The G&G UMG is an extremely detailed and attractive AEG. The ABS plastic body is very solid and has a flat matte look to it with similar feel as the Classic Army CA36C ABS. G&G put a lot of detail into this gun from the correct positioning of the markings (no H&K trademarks) on the gun to the mock trigger assembly pins in the lower receiver just like where they should be on a real H&K UMP. To keep the gun from having problems from importing in to the US, the markings are changed to prevent trademark violations. Instead of HK on the side of the gun like the real gun, they have GG (For Guay Guay or G&G as we know it) . Instead of UMP, they named it "UMG" which, according to G&G, stands for "Uber Machine Gun". They also added the “6mm auto” markings on the bolt instead of .45 cal, .40cal, or 9mm. These small details make the look and feel of the UMG extremely authentic. The gun also comes equipped with side and bottom rails to allow the addition of a vertical foregrip, lights, lasers, or any railed accessory you can imagine and a top rail to add your favorite optic. The stock folds to the side and locks solidly into place. Overall, the appearance is top notch and the attention to detail will appeal to the most discerning airsofters.

Side and under rails are included on this AEG.

The UMG has G36 style selector that is ambidextrous.

Here you can see the detail of the gun with "6mm Auto" engraved on the UMG's bolt along with the fake trigger assembly pins in the lower receiver.


The overall performance is much similar to Tokyo Marui AEG's. Out of the box, this sample fires smoothly, shooting approximately 260-280 fps with 0.20g Excel BB's. The gun draws about 11-12.5 AMPs with the stock spring. Since this is a pre-production model, we are uncertain if this will be the actual velocity of the production gun but it is decent for a compact stock weapon. The gun’s battery compartment can fit an 8.4V 600mah NiCad 1050mah NiMH stick battery. To access this area, you must fold the stock and then open the small door in the back. This makes changing batteries a breeze. The compartment size limitation will require an entirely new configuration of custom battery if you need more power. The GnG manual shows that a custom configured 9.6V 1100mah NiCad battery using the same cells as that of an MP5SD6 custom battery will fit the compartment. However, our experience indicates that the 8.4V 1050 mah NiMH battery performance should be superior, especially if you don’t own a good charger that will maximize the performance of the 1100mah NiCad cells. We will have to explore further the battery potential of this gun.

Here you can see the battery access from the rear view of the AEG. With the stock folded open, you can open the small door to easily get the battery in and out.

This gearbox is virtually IDENTICAL in appearance and dimensions to the Ver III gearbox. Looking at it you would think you opened a TM or CA G36C. The way the motor is attached is very similar as are the internals. Unlike most Ver III gearboxes, the spring guide usually pops out when you crack it open. The G&G UMG actually stays put. They use the G&G Ver III spring guide without bearing and as you can see on the image on the upper right. It stays put even with the spring compressed with the piston. The UMG comes standard with a polycarb type piston, piston head, metal bushings, reinforced gearset (standard ratio) and reinforced spring guide.

G&G also uses their high torque motors in the AEG that produces a decent rate of fire. With an 8.4v battery, the gun delivers a nice 600 rounds per minute and at 9.6v, it’s around 800 rpm. We did upgrade the UMG with 2 types of springs. The first, an M100 by Systema. The results were not impressive but I am hoping it was either due to the gun being a prototype or, honestly, because we rushed through the upgrade. The gun went from shooting 270fps to 300 with an M100. Rate of fire was about the same, a little slower but not by much. It had a 13-15Amp draw and had a nice deep sound when firing! With the Guarder SP120 upgrade, it only fired 320fps with the same BB (Excel 0.20g non Bio). It had a 14-16Amp draw and a rate of fire of approximately 500-600 rounds per minute.

The base plate is attached just like the TM and CA G36C. You only need to remove the one large screw on the bottom to free the gearbox. The other 2 screws hold the base plate to the lower receiver.


The UMG has several features that enhance the performance, look, and the overall feel of the AEG. Let's start with some of the performance parts. The hopup unit is a one piece hopup system that is all metal. The adjustment lever is accessible behind the ejection port like most AEG's. Just like a TM G3 SG-1, MC-51 or even a CA33E, the hopup adjustment lever can be accessed when the charging handle on the weapon is cocked back. You can lock open the ejection port like the real thing.

Here you can see the cocking handle is locked back and up like an MP5, G3 or PSG-1. The cocking knob even rocks back a few degrees as you pull on it, just like on the real H&K UMP – this feature demonstrates the incredible details that GnG included with the gun that is functionally unnecessary in an AEG but faithful to the authentic UMP.

The hopup unit is exposed along with the hopup adjustment lever. To adjust more hop, you slide the black lever forward or towards the barrel. For less, slide it to the rear of the gun.

Not only can you lock the bolt open by charging the cocking lever back and rotating it up like on any Airsoft MP5, you can also lock it open with the bolt catch. Just like the real gun, this bolt catch actually works. Pull back the charging lever and press the bottom of the bolt catch and the bolt will lock open. To unlock, you can smack the top round part of the bolt catch and the bolt will snap forward. We did this quite a bit and the bolt didn’t break off as they sometimes do on MP5’s. Once again, this authentic feature does nothing for AEG performance or functionality but is very cool nonetheless.

The UMG breaks open almost identically to the real gun where the upper receiver can be rocked up from the lower receiver. This makes breaking down the AEG for an upgrade or switching inner barrels a very simple task. There are a few key things to be aware of when performing this procedure. You can see in these pictures the steps to field stripping the G&G UMG.

1. Remove the rear body pin

2. Before removing the lower receiver, you must push hopup unit forward to clear the AEG's nozzle from the hopup chamber (the hopup unit has a spring in front like a P90, G36C and an AUG).

3. As you push the hopup unit forward, you can swing the lower receiver down. Once it is in this position, the hopup chamber should be clear of the nozzle.

4. Now you can unhinge the lower from the upper receiver. If you need to access the inner barrel, it comes out very similar to the G36. Just push it in, twist it slightly and it will slide out.

The rear sights are adjustable with hex screws.

Rear sight can also switch from standard sight to ghost ring.

The gun comes with a 70 round standard mag and will have 530 round hicaps available soon after the release. The magazine is the only part lacks complete authenticity. The real UMP magazine has a thin clear plastic window strip in the middle so you can view your ammo status.


The gun will have a quick detach mock silencer available but it will not be included with the gun.

Here is a picture with the silencer on the UMG.


The G&G UMG is an extremely high quality and compact AEG and one of the most faithful reproductions of the actual firearm available on the airsoft market. The level of detail and the overall construction make this a definite buy. The only issue we encountered was the low velocity after a quickie upgrade. We highly doubt that the issue is with the gun although we won’t know for sure till they become available in quantity and we do more work on them. Meanwhile, we’ll keep tinkering with the gun and update the report if there is any new information.

Order yours today!

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