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Testimonials and Endorsements



Dear Airsoft Extreme,

Thank you for the awesome customer service and keeping me updated. My package has already got here with the patches.. kill rag...and stickers.. Thank you for the speedy delivery .

I only use Airsoft Extreme in Sacramento and the AEX online website for my airsoft needs because of how well I've been treated and will be continuing to do so more often.

Keep up the Great work ..and lets pray that stupid bill doesnt get passed

Sincerely, Troy Tarkan


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Thanks. It's not a money issue, other than I would rather give it to you folks than anyone else. I have CONSISTENTLY gotten such awesome support, via email, in person at the shop, and out in the field (Ft. Ord) that I LIKE to give you guys my money.

Thanks a lot!!

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Hi, I'm pleased to inform you that I HAVE RECIEVED the package, containing the H-Harness, today (10/01/2010). I appriciate all the hardwork and I'm sending this to ease any confusion. Again thank you for replying to my messages, guiding me through the process of shipping, and I am very pleased with customer support. I look foward to ordering more airsoft material from Airsoft Extreme.


Your prolonged customer, Aldrin Biltz.

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Hello AEX,

Thank you for your very quick and prompt response. Your reputation in the airsoft community for excellence is an understatement for the amazing service I have received today.

Thank you

- Justin

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Humboldt airsoft league thanks you ONCE AGAIN, for your support and excellent services!!

thanks again,
matt runyan
"Major Chronic"
Humboldt airsoft league council

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Jeremy (I think, I may have the name wrong) was at the RHP game at Ft. Ord 19JUN2010 and was awesome. He also assisted me when I drove out to your Santa Clara store from Monterey, and was EPIC in his knowledge and helpfulness. You can thank him for ALL the orders you will get from me. I'll buy from you folks SOLELY due to his awesomeness, knowledge and epic helpfulness. Give that man a raise and whatever he wants to keep him there. I spent about $150 my last visit, and will be buying 4 Thunder B starter packs and a $150 gun internal upgrade within the month. And will have much more. You can thank him for getting you a loyal customer.

Dean Karengin

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Dear Airsoft Extreme

Right now i can only talk about the San Diego Store and the online website. i love AEX the staff is very friendly and they know me by name (probably cause i shop there alot). its great that the SD store is there as i live in southern san diego and there is no where else to buy airsoft around. the staff at the store and when i had to call in or email from the website were very helpful and also very nice. AEX has a great selection of high quality products and they are willing to take the time and effort to explain and help you with anything you need.


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I've been a loyal AEX customer since 2004. Every purchase I've made with AEX has been accompanied with the best service possible. I'd like to extend my appreciation to the Santa Clara branch for always standing behind their work & their product. Guys like Peter, Jeremy (both of them), & Mickey are just some of the reasons why I am still an AEX patron.

Edgar T.

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Hello Airsoft Extreme,

A mainstream airsoft shop in the Bay Area. As a member of team M4HTD we want nothing but the best for our airsoft needs. Can't say enough positive things about Airsoft Extreme, staff is very knowledgeable and always ready to help. Your recommendations are always based on the need and not on the price. Keep up the great job!

--MOONMAN team M4HTD--

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To whom it may concern,

Although I am not prone to giving feedback to companies I do business with, I feel it is very warranted in the case of the AEX store in Santa Clara. As an internet professional I have the choice to buy my Airsoft supplies from anywhere in the U.S. or overseas directly. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years on airsoft equipment and I have made my choice to spend most of that money at AEX Santa Clara. The reason for this is simple: The staff. In particular, Jeremy and Julian have given me customer service above and beyond what I would expect at any establishment. As an airsofter that can do my own repairs etc, I find myself inclined to let AEX do repairs, and supply my parts as well as my new guns (7 of 9 of which have been bought directly at AEX). I feel confident that any gun, part, or repair I buy from AEX is backed up by the know-how of the staff and I feel safe in leaving my equipment with them to facilitate the installation of the newest gadgets or vanity furniture the industry has come out with.

I expect to continue to spend my money at AEX with confidence assuming that top shelf people like Jeremy and Julian continue to be public face of AEX Santa Clara.

Chad N

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Hello there,

I have been meaning to write this a long time. We are so grateful for the kindness that Ben has shown our son while being a customer at your Santa Clara store.

My son has suffered from anxiety for his entire life. >From the moment he has walked into your store he has felt such peace. We laugh because it is a "Gun Store" and he fells comfortable there. Ben has always been genuinely caring and helpful to my son. He teaches him about the guns and helps make our purchases easy. Whenever Zach has money the first place he wants to go is Airsoft Extreme. Ben was the first person that we met and he is always friendly to anyone who walks in your store. There are times when it is so busy, but he gives his customers quality attention and makes the purchase fun. I can't thank Ben enough for making my son feel special and my life a lot easier when purchasing gifts for my boys.
Your entire staff at the Santa Clara Store is awesome! They always have a happy smile when customers come in, and even when it is busy they give quality attention when it is your turn!

Thanks again Ben for making such an influence in my little boys life. He will NEVER forget you.

Lori G

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"Airsoft Extreme is consistently excellent in sales, value, and service. Their after purchase service is superb and without peer - everytime I called about an issue they were right on top of it even though the issues were with the maker of the gear and not an issue with airsoft extreme. I have to say their service is the best I have had anywhere in over four years of playing airsoft in the mid-Atlantic region. If there is something wrong, they will make it right is my outstanding experience. In a market with great variables in quality of material and service Airsoft Extreme does nothing but stay ahead of the pack. They are truely a bunch of hoo-ah guys and girls."

Vic N, Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired

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A few years back, I can't tell you how happy I was when I heard AEX was coming to Sacramento. They have since established themselves as the area's premier airsoft store. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and super helpful, and the selection of gear is exceptional.

Kudos to AEX and the staff in Sacramento!

--Steve B

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Hi there

I just wanted to let you know that you were very busy the 2 different times that we went into the store and you only had 2 WONDERFUL staff members you had, Julian and Jeremy were HAPPILY working their butts off not complaining just being very positive. I finally had to ask if they were by themselves and they just smiled and said yes-someone didn't show up today. Ben would have never stiff you like that and we really MISS him just like many other customers.

I do have to say Jeremy and Julian deserve a bonus for all their hard and wonderful work.


Lori G

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Thank you. I appreciate your great customer service and I look forward to buying from you again.

Lee M

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I received the order update on the cancellation. Thankyou. I also wanted to add, that your service has been excellent and everything matched your site product descriptions, as I received my order today. Really speedy and prompt service. Again thankyou and I will be telling others on Filairsoft, ASR, airsoft mechanics and other sites about my excellent business experience w/ you.



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The Sig P229 pistol arrived today. It is very nice Thank you. Hope the extra mag comes in soon. It has been good dealing with you.

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I would like to nominate Airsoft Extreme for retailer of the year. I have written you before in praise of this firm, highlighting their huge inventory and superb repair record, but this year my remarks are a tad different.

Permit me to introduce myself. Though I have been involved with the sport since 2003, I am not your average airsofter. For one, I am quite a bit older, by now in my late fifties (I met Paul two or so years ago at Weekend of Heroes when he came to California). To be honest, I was starting to run down, my age catching up with me, but I loved to play so much I kept at it.

Then everything changed. On August 18, 2008 I was going up to work, and found I could not walk in a straight line. To make a long story short, I wound up in the hospital pretty quickly. At first they thought it was a stroke, but when the symptoms changed a few days later, it turned out I had developed transverse myelitis (TM), a rare auto-immune disease that attacks the spinal cord. There are only 1400 new cases a year in the entire United States, only 200-300 in the UK. As a result, I am now a hemiplegic, with my left side paralyzed, and in a wheel chair.

Nevertheless, I still hang out at AEX, because airsoft is in my blood. They treat me with grace and friendship, like the old customer that I still am (I buy stuff to play with around the house).

I find this most gratifying. Let's face it, I am not your typical denizen of an airsoft shop. My age alone-I'm almost sixty now-would guarantee that. Airsoft is generally played by young, fit men. And I'm in a wheelchair.

But when it comes to AEX, it doesn't matter. It is a place of fun, of refuge for me, just as it was before TM. We shoot the bull, tell stories, and hang out together. How many stores would be so cool as to continue to do that with someone like me? I am suggesting, in other words, that these folks take the term "service" quite a bit further than any other shop, and give it a new meaning. That is what truly makes this place special, more than any material aspect.

Just by way of an update, I have returned to my job as a university professor, I'm driving now, and above all, I am busy trying to organize the world's first disabled airsoft team. If I ever get this going, I will be sending everyone to AEX for guns, gear, and great service.

All the best,
Robert Slayton

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To Whom It May Concern:

I am a retired Deputy Sheriff with Sacramento County. In 2005 I was involved in a near fatal crash on my Police Motorcycle while on routine patrol. The subsequent injuries forced me to retire in 2008 after a 16 year career. I miss those days immensely. I have two children, a daughter who's now 20 and a son, who is now 16 years old. My son has been playing airsoft for about three years now and my wife and I have frequented your Ranch Cordova, CA store for all of my son's airsoft needs. Recently, I had begun to take pictures at these events and became intrigued with the amount of fun the participants were having. So, even though physically it is difficult, I decided to try and participate in a few games. After just one time out, I was hooked.

I do have several injuries that keep me from performing extreme physical feats, but I can get around enough to move tactically or set up stand off tactics for cover or suppression.

That being said, I am writing this letter to inform you of the outstanding job your employees do at the Rancho Cordova, CA AEX store, specifically Dom. Dom is the employee I seem to deal with the most. He is extremely knowledgeable and is always a great help to my family and me. He is aware of my limitations and takes the time to work with me in regards to my limitations and my budget. Having to retire at only 44 years old has left me with a fixed income that severely limits the amount of money I can spend on equipment and supplies.

Recently, I purchased my own personal equipment (KWA G36, KWA ATP, Lipo Battery, spare mag, Molle vest w/appropriate attachments and other appropriate equipment/supplies). This was a huge amount of money for me spend on such a limited budget. Had it not been for Dom and his team working with me, I would not have been able to afford all of this equipment. They were able to put together a kit that worked within my budget. On a side note, I had to sell a couple of my "real" guns to get the money for this endeavor and I don't really have but a few handguns, which were used, on duty. The main reason for doing this is to be able to spend more time with my son. We have now participated in a few events together and I can't express how important this has been for me, both for my son and also for my own healing.

On at least two occasions I have come into your store with some minor issues with my pistol and to upgrade the barrel of my G36. On both occasions Dom did the work right there and my guns are now working at what I would describe as a competition grade level.

I am now saving up (selling off personal items) to purchase a new rifle (I have my eye on a new KWA SR10 or KWA AR15) from your Rancho Cordova store. I have found that I am engaging at a farther range than my G36 can reach out. Due to my injuries I don't move fast enough for close in engagements, LOL.

The bottom line is that your store has opened up a whole new way for me to enjoy time with my son. Something I have been missing since I was injured in the line of duty. The time we spend together is invaluable and without the professional and knowledgeable support of your employees I would not have been able to experience these good times. You have not only gained a new customer, but you have also gained a new promoter for your store. Being a mature player with a rather extensive law enforcement background I get a lot of questions from the younger and newer players, and their parents, as to what sort of equipment and supplies they should get to start out in this sport. I am always happy to show them my equipment, offer my suggestions for saving money, but always recommending Airsoft Extreme as the "go to" place for their equipment and supplies. I express the importance of not only being able to get almost everything you need, but also the support you need, face to face.

Thank you.


Shawn E Dinkins
Elk Grove, CA

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To Whom this may concern.

I'm writing you again to express my "extreme" satisfaction with the folks at your Rancho Cordova, CA store. A while back ago I wrote an e-mail expressing my gratitude for the professionalism and outstanding customer support provided by your employees. Today, after liquidating a collection of memorabilia, I went to your store to add some more equipment to my airsoft arsenal. As I explained before, I am a disabled and retired Deputy Sheriff and there are few things I can do now to enjoy time with my son. The time I have been able to spend is invaluable and my son is planning on joining the military. So, all he time I can spend with him is important. Also, I have had extensive training and I, myself, am a certified instructor in special tactics. Being able to play with my son also affords me the ability to share my training and experience with him. This was a side of me he has never been able to see and, for obvious reasons, I could not share a lot of experiences I have had to deal with on the job. He is old enough now (16 yrs old) to finally understand what my job had meant to me and how important training and experience is to being able to survive, not to mention how fun it is to practice. Today, I spent nearly $700 on a new gun (KWA M4 SR10) as well as the appropriate accessories to build this gun out to almost exactly what I carried in my patrol car on duty. Now, I have a great medium to long range gun set up to mimic a real steel weapon I used to carry and I also have a superb CQC gun (KWA G36C) which I have set up as close to the "real steel" version I had trained with in the past.

My point here is that you guys have given me some happiness I have not been able to experience since I had to retire. My son and I are having a blast working as "partners" or having the opportunity to work with a team. I specifically want to mention that I had called the store and spoke with a sale's rep at length about what kind of rifle I wanted and how I planned on using it during game play. We spoke for a good 25 minutes or more and at no time did I ever feel like I was being a burden or that I may have been asking way to many questions. By the time I was done I had put $100 down on the rifle I wanted, that was Friday. Today (Monday), I spent approximately one hour or more talking with another representative and he helped me put together a great package. By the time I left I felt like a kid at Christmas!

The enthusiasm and professionalism I have experienced at your store is above and beyond that of which I have received at any other sports related retail shop. The personal feeling I get when I walk in is that of being welcome and the employees go out of their way to do whatever it may take to satisfy the customer. I could have just ordered everything online, from some other retailer, but I would never have had all of my questions answered and I most likely would have bought something I didn't want or something I didn't need. I would like you to share this letter with all of the guys at the Rancho Cordova AEX store. I am just one person, but I know if I felt it necessary to write, not one, but two letters of appreciation, then there are probably hundreds of other customers of yours who are just as happy with your service. I am a strong believer in supporting the local economy and when I become a satisfied customer at one of those establishments, I remain a loyal customer for life. Between my son and I we have happily spent thousands of dollars at your store and will continue to visit for all of our airsoft related needs.

Thanks again for your superb product quality and outstanding service.


Shawn Dinkins
Elk Grove, CA

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To whom it may concern,

I would like to let you know how happy I am with Airsoft Extreme's customer service and return/exchange policy. I purchased a few items on the web site and was allowed to return them to the store in Santa Clara.

The guy that helped me was knowledgeable and very helpful. I made a couple of extra purchases just on the fact the dude behind the counter was all there.


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Airsoft Extreme,

If this doesn't go to your owner please forward to him, I would like to thank the entire business for being so good to me and my team, despite numerous calls, they never get frustrated, you always are helpful, my team and I will always rely on you guys and nowhere else!

Thanks again Andrew

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To the management,

I just wanted to give you a most sincere compliment on an awesome staff member at your Santa Clara store. Jeremy has been providing me AMAZING service for years and today, really helped me out. I had snapped the pistol grip OFF of my m4 and was assuming that I'd have to replace a motor, grip and maybe even a gearbox. I figured the rifle would be out of service for weeks. I brought it into Jeremy earlier tonight and the guy really worked his magic. He was able to repair my rifle ON THE SPOT within 20 minutes and well under my budget. On top of that he was able to repair a minor issue on a pistol of mine within 2-3 minutes.

Jeremy has been doing an awesome job on my guns for years, so well in fact that I refuse to let anyone else work on them. Whenever i come in, i specifically request that he do the work on my rifles because i know it will be done right the first the first time. The tech work he does is second to none.

Honestly, I like dealing with Jeremy so much that I chose to brave traffic tonight and shop at Santa Clara, even though another airsoft shop was significantly closer than your store. Jeremy really is the reason why I keep coming back to AEX Santa Clara. He is knowledgeable, SUPER friendly and a wizard when it comes to tech work. The guy really is a customer's dream come true.

Thank you for the awesome service!


Charles Durham
8 year airsoft veteran
AEX customer since 2005

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Operation Lion Claws

"Operation Lion Claws couldn't have achieved its current status without the support of Airsoft Extreme. AEX's commitment to players and its high standards are two important traits that have made AEX a leader in the North American Airsoft circle."

John Lu

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Military Morons

The owner of Airsoft Extreme is a good friend and Airsoft Extreme is the ONLY company I recommend for people seeking airsoft equipment for training or playing.


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Special Operations Technology

"Airsoft Extreme, in my opinion, has provided a legitimate bridge between the airsoft hobbyist world and the law enforcement and military world. I recommend Airsoft Extreme for everyone seeking airsoft tactical products."

SOTech owner/US Army Officer Jim Cragg

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MSG (ret) H. "Mad Max" Mullen
Former US Army Ranger Training Instructor

"Without a doubt Airsoft Extreme is a pioneer and true trailblazer in Airsoft MilSim by being involved with Airsoft in its infancy in the US. Their dedicated support and sponsorship has made Airsoft the sport it is today.

Airsoft Extreme has taken the time to educate the public and law enforcement agencies on safety and responsibility of Airsoft gaming. AEX is definitely a tier one store that supports the growth of Airsoft. Thank you AEX for your awesome support of America's fastest growing gaming the sport of Airsoft you are a great inspiration and leader in the sport of Airsoft military simulation (Milsim)."

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Tactial Assault Gear

"Airsoft Extreme is the only airsoft company that I recommend and have the pleasure of associating with. Their customers seek only the highest quality products and know that Airsoft Extreme offers excellent service and product knowledge. All of our display replicas that we use for trade shows have been sourced solely from Airsoft Extreme."

Navy SEAL/TAG owner, Chris Osman - Afghanistan 2002

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Special Operations Equipment (SOE)

"Airsoft Extreme is the only airsoft company that I recommend and endorse. I have known the owners for many years both on a business level and personal level. They have always represented quality and a high level of knowledge in products and services for the serious military enthusiast or gear collector."

John Willis, Owner Special Operations Equipment (SOE)

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