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Right Hook Fabrication Mantis Sniper Rifle



Mantis Sniper System

by Righthook Fabrication

The Rifle

Airsoft Extreme is pleased to offer – in very limited quantities – the Mantis Sniper System by Righthook Fabrication. Arguably, the Mantis is the finest Airsoft sniper rifle on the market today. The Mantis is a bolt action system designed to use an external gas source, such as CO2 or HPA (high pressure air). Starting with a Tanaka M700 system as its base, each rifle is hand built and hand tuned to perform out of the box. 

Key features include:

Custom-built lightweight anodized aluminum rifle chassis

DBC custom 6.01mm ID inner barrel, fully free floated

2Roy hop up unit

Laylax hard hop up bucking

Ergo PSG-1 style tactical sniper grip

Adjustable length tactical buttstock

Custom crowned and threaded outer barrel

Fully functional integral silencer

3-9 power 50mm objective illuminated reticle scope

Metal adjustable length bipod

Integral rail system and scope mount

28 round magazine with quick disconnect external gas connector

Lightweight gas regulator with pressure gauge and coiled gas hose

50 cubic inch 3000psi HPA tank

Large 50+ inch gun case

By zeroing every rifle at the factory, Righthook Fabrication guarantees 65 yard accuracy on their rifles OUT OF THE BOX using 0.29g Maruzen Grandmaster BBs.  Each rifle is hand assembled and tuned for optimal accuracy, consistency, and performance. Upon inspection of the rifle and its components, you can see visible signs of Righthook’s exacting attention to detail, from polished magazine followers to crisply tuned triggers.

Performance specifications:

Pre-zeroed for man size targets at 65 yards

650 feet per second (0.2g bb weight) at 110 psi

750 feet per second (0.2g bb weight) at 140 psi

The Mantis is designed and built by Mike Aceves of Righthook. Mike has an extensive background in long range shooting, from building long range rifle platforms in .308 caliber and up, to training law enforcement in the finer aspects of long range rifle marksmanship. Mike took to Airsoft eight years ago like a fish to water, but found existing Airsoft “sniper” rifles to be highly misleading. He took it upon himself to build a true Airsoft sniper platform. His regular day job is building high performance dragsters and race cars from the ground up, so working with systems that demand tight tolerances and push the limits of performance is second nature to him. The Mantis as presented by Airsoft Extreme is the result of several years of research, experimentation, and weekly field testing…much to the regret of his fellow Airsoft players.

Tech Guide

As with real sniper rifles, these guns require some shooting to break in. Expect to spend time shooting 200 bbs or so as you would normally. During this time you may see some shot placement dispersal from side to side, or from over/under hop. Once the rifle has been broken in, you may need to adjust the rifle’s scope to the new point of impact. Make sure you are fully cognizant of how to zero your riflescope.

Never add lubricants, solvents, or any kind of oils into the air system. Any type of liquid that gets into the barrel or onto the BBs will throw off the gun’s accuracy. Keep the barrel dry and clean at all times to ensure optimal accuracy.

Righthook recommends the use of Maruzen 0.29g Grandmaster BBs for optimum performance. If you choose to use another brand of BBs, be sure to only use HIGHLY polished BBs of 0.25g or higher. Do NOT use any graphite coated or other BBs with any type of coating.

Do not disassemble your rifle. Disassembling your rifle will void all warranties. Each rifle is individually hand built and tuned, and improper disassembly and reassembly WILL throw off your rifle’s performance. Each rifle has little telltales built into it during assembly, so Mike will know when a rifle has been taken apart. If you need service, Righthook will be more than happy to assist you. Righthook offers a full maintenance program that will keep your gun shooting great.

Reality Check

The Mantis is purpose-built to be an Airsoft sniping system. It does not pretend to be anything else. It is not meant to imitate or emulate a real rifle. It is not intended to deliver a high rate or high volume of fire. It IS meant to deliver one BB at a time, on target, every time. The Mantis is designed to complement a practitioner of the sniping arts with a tool that delivers one precise shot to take out your Airsoft opponent, leaving his buddies wondering in terror where the next shot is coming from and who’s next in line to be taken out. 

A battlefield sniper is a force multiplier, one person who by exercising his skills sows confusion amongst his opponents, uses stealth to eliminate his opponents, and robs his opponents of their initiative and morale. It’s easy to face five guys with full auto AEGs spraying BBs at you. It’s not so easy when your opponent is unseen, unheard, and his fire is undetectable.

The Mantis will not make you a sniper. The Mantis will be the right tool to fulfill your potential as a sniper.




Right Hook Fabrication


External Gas

Optional Accessories:

Sold Out
  • Part #: MANTIS
  • Manufactured by: Right Hook Fabrication

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