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Airsoft International Magazine - Vol 4 Issue 9 2/2009


Volume 4, Issue 9    

Febuary 2009

It's not what you wear but what you know With what seems to be a whole level of new player's getting into Airsoft, one of the questions we get asked the most is what kit to wear and what team to join? The answer to this question is pretty simple. You wear what you like and don't worry about a team and its structure, simply go and play, enjoy it for what it is. Airsoft has never been about the size of your wallet, nor for that matter how big the team is you belong to? If there are a bunch of you that meet up to play, don't worry about uniformity and team command structures or for that matter communication, just simply get out and play, gel as a group of friends, get to know each other's playing habits, the more you play together the more you'll understand about each other. It takes months of practice to become a well organised team operator, it's all about reputation, don't worry about shooters and or firepower, it's all about how you and your team mates are going to react to a certain situation and instinctively knowing how you and your buddies are going to solve the problem. Do you bug out, push forward, and how do you do that, who goes loud (fires), who throws smoke, do you pepper pot forward or do you lay down suppressing fires and fall back. It's all about practice and understanding. To help all of you new players out there we will in the coming months try and help you out with a series of articles aimed at the novice team players, but until then here's a thought. If your team uses low, mid and or hi cap mags don't all have the same amount of BB's in them as you'll find yourself group loading at the same time and for that split second you'll find yourself completely defenceless. Remember it only takes a second to score a hit.

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