Magazine Accessories

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Go full operator mode with the Aim Sports 4 Reticle RDS!
The AEX Compact Combat Optic gives you a slim red dot and is protected with a mesh metal cover from BB strikes.
If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to iron sights, the G2 red dot sight (RDS) has got you covered!
In need of assistance to get a better sight picture instead of using your iron sights? Attach the AEX Aimdot w/ 30mm Cantilever mount to aid you in your airsoft gameplay with its simple red/green dot and large sight picture.
Tired of not being able to see down your sight with a mask on? NC Star has got the answer to your problem!
Tired of always looking at your typical red dot reticle? Change it up with the AEX 4 reticle red dot sight that has 3 reticles to choose from.
The NC Star Tactical R/G/B dot delivers a clear sight picture with a projected crisp dot reticle that makes target acquisition less of a hassle.
Want to find out how much FPS your airsoft gun is shooting right now instead of finding out at the airsoft field to find your FPS is way over the limit? Purchase an Acetech chronograph with its ability to calculate your gun’s FPS instantly!
If you’re looking for an easy to read, classic style red dot sight (RDS), set your sights on this option from NC Star!
The NC Star 4 Reticle Red/Green gives the player a clear sight picture of the crisp and bright dot reticle making it easy to acquire targets on the fly.
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