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AE Max Glock 17 Lullaby




Customised Elite Force Glocks at Airsoft Extreme!

Airsoft Extreme carries a wide selection of upgrade and customization parts for Elite Force green gas Glocks.  The Lullaby here shows off what you can do to your EF Glock 17 with a small selection of our parts.  This two tone Glock replicates the latest trend in "fashion" Glocks, with lightening cuts on the slide, additional porting, and accent colors.  The magwell enhances the appearance and speeds up your reloads and the extended baseplates help with fast retrieval of mags from your mag pouches.

While the standard three dot sights are good, the fiber optic sights we installed here are WAY better.  Their high visibility even in lower light conditions speed up your target acquisition...meaning the bad guys get deader faster.  And who doesn't like silencers on their guns?  The aggressive looking Osprey mock suppressor takes the Glock 17 to a whole new level of appearance.  You COULD install a longer inner barrel in this thing for better velocity and accuracy, but that's up to you.  The threaded barrel is designed with a separate thread piece, so you can restore your Glock to a more conventional length at will.

The Lullaby is great out of the box as a looker and shooter...or maybe it'll give you ideas on what kind of Glock you would like to build.  Give us a shout and see what we can do for you!