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AEX King of Nines, bronze/dark earth

Action Army



King of Nines: select fire gas carbine

The AAP-01 is one of the most exciting airsoft guns around.  In addition to being inexpensive, simple to operate, and capable full auto fire,  there are many upgrades available for gun.  It rivals the Hi Capa in versatility and choice when it comes to upgrades.

AEX offers one of our most popular carbine conversions for the AAP-01s in a prebuilt, pre upgraded form.  The King of Nines combines the AAP-01 with the Lambda PCC carbine to create a high power, accurate, and reliable gas blowback carbine.  Each gun is handbuilt by one of our master technicians and tuned for performance.  Every King of Nines shoots 0.2g BBs around 380-400 fps. 

The King of Nines is chock full of tactical features: a full steel two position PDW stock, a weaver scope rail, and three weaver accessory rails at the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions on the handguard.   The receiver and handguards are hard anodized, CNC aluminum.  The muzzle features a standard 14mm counterclockwise thread for your choice of flash hider, tracer unit, or silencer.  The 6 o'clock rail can be adjusted along the entire length of the handguard to accomodate your desired positioning for a vertical or angled foregrip.  The PDW stock is removable and underneath is a standard AEG adapter for M4 style buttstock tubes.

The full auto selector switch still requires cocking back the bolt to access.  The frame mounted slide stop is NOT accessible with the PDW stock is collapsed, so you will have to remove the magazine from the gun and pull the charging handle to release your bolt.

Gas SMG aficionados will greatly appreciate the sleek form factor of the King of Nines, and the performance of the gun makes it competitive with AEGs firing 400 fps.  If you want a King of Nines configured for CQB play at 350 fps or lower, simply send us an email and we will build one to you spec.


  • Action Army AAP-01, select fire green gas blowback pistol
  • 25 round magazine
  • CNC aluminum carbine kit
  • Steel two position PDW stock
  • 229mm Maple Leaf Hybrid 6.02mm inner barrel
  • Maple Leaf Autobot 70 degree bucking


Length (collapsed): 19.5 inches
Length (extended): 24.5 inches
4 lbs
Inner Barrel Length: 229mm
Muzzle Velocity: 380-400 fps with 0.2g BBs (depending on ambient temperature)
Gas Type: Green gas only (not included)
System: Action Army gas blowback semi and full auto selectable
Color: Black/red/bronze
Magazine Capacity: 25 rounds, 6mm airsoft
Package Includes: Carbine, one magazine, instruction manual