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Airsoft Innovations Gun Gas Kit, Steel Probe Version




Blue steel: It's not just for pistols and fictional male models. Like our plastic GunGas adaptor, this kit allows you to fill your GBB magazines with cheap, widely available propane. This model, however, includes an indestructible oxide-coated probe. You'll never have to buy another adaptor again.
• Completely re-useable
• Compatible with nearly every gas gun; works for both propane and computer duster gas
• Reduce gas costs by 80%
• Comes with a plastic extender tip for those fragile/hard to reach fill valves
• Shippable via standard non-HazMat methods. Is your green gas safe to ship?

Kit Includes -

High Strength Propane Adaptor:
• Strong, heat-treated, blued steel probe resists damage and rust
• Uses commonly available 14-16oz propane tanks to power your airsoft devices

Premium GBB Oil:
• 1.5wt premium silicone oil selected for use in GBB/GBBRs
• Only 2 drops for every 10 magazine fills keeps your gun in top shape

Duster Adaptor:
• Fills your GBB mags with computer duster gas (HFC134A - Tetrafluoroethane)
• This adaptor can be used to extend your propane adaptor tip
• Can also be used as a repair tip for your propane adaptor!