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GATE has reported an issue with ASTER that may put its users at risk. Strong electromagnetic interference generated by PMR transmitters may cause your AEG to fire accidentally when not in Safe mode.
  • An ASTER firmware update has been released to protect against this risk. 
  • Check if your ASTER needs this update by clicking here
  • If you need the firmware update you may update at home or with AEX.
At home:
With either an Android phone or a PC or MAC with USB-Link you can easily perform the firmware update on your own. Control Station software can be downloaded by clicking here

If you need a USB-Link to do the firmware upgrade, GATE is offering them for sale on their website at 50% off and with free shipping. This discount is only offered if your ASTER serial number shows you need the update. Get the USB-link by clicking here


Our staff will perform an on-the-spot update for any customer that wants to bring their ASTER or AEG with ASTER to one of our stores. See our 4 locations by clicking here

If you cannot easily come into our stores, you may also mail your ASTER to us to be updated. Our staff will perform the update and mail your ASTER back to you. 

Be sure your ASTER requires an update before mailing it to us; customers will be responsible for return shipping if an update is not needed.


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