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Classic Army M24 LTR

Article number: S016M
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The Classic Army M24 Light Tactical Rifle "LTR" is a high performance bolt action sniper rifle made with a high quality nylon fiber polymer stock, full metal trigger box, and full metal barrel.

The M24 LTR is Tokyo Marui VSR10 compatible, making it very popular for it's upgradeable design, and after-market parts availability.

Because of the new material used for the stock, the M24 LTR is 30% lighter than the original Classic Army M24. The trigger box has an adjustable trigger set, along with a crisp clean break with no mushiness when you pull the trigger.

The M24 LTR features a top rail for installing rifle scopes,a front sling mount and an additional mount for bipod installation.The M24 LTR easily shoot between 425-450 fps using 0.20g BBs. The full metal bolt system has a solid cocking sound and feel when used. The magazine holds 25 rounds.

90 day warranty.


Overall Length 1135mm
Overall Weight 2495g
Inner Barrel Length 515mm
Inner Barrel Diameter 6.08mm
Hop-Up Adjustable
Velocity 400-450 fps with 0.20g BBs

Item# S016M

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