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Code Red Zero Bone Conduction, Moto 1 Pin

Code Red



Battle Zero Tactical Bone Conduction Headset
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An unmistakable look of awe comes over peoples’ faces the first time they try these. Be the envy of everyone when you gear up with our lightweight bone conduction headset with military-style PTT. Bone conduction technology transmits and receives audio directly from vocal vibrations in the skull. The speakers do not block your ears thereby improving situational awareness. Wear hearing protection (Foam Plugs) at the same time to improve performance in high noise environments.

  • The modular design allows you to easily change components.
  • Compatible with most of the popular 2-Way Radios.
  • Can be used with hearing aids.
  • Separate hearing protection can be used in one or both ears.
  • Bone Conduction speaker performance greatly increased with the use of hearing protection.