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Custom TM 5.1 Silver Match

by AEX
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TM 5.1 Silver Match

You don't like gold.  You don't care to pay for expensive metal parts.  You just want a TM Hi Capa that shoots and shoots REALLY good.

Well, instead of the Gold Match, we're giving you a Silver Match!  It's got the looks of the Gold Match, but in a more mature, less flashy Silver and Black.  The outside parts are 100% Tokyo Marui, but the inside has been revamped to give you straight up performance.

We've taken our HEL-MOD (High Efficiency Long range MODification) for Hi Capas and given it a twist by using the new Maple Leaf Crazy Jet barrel.  The air flow channeling on the INNER BARREL is intended to create a "virtual" barrel by creating a tunnel of low pressure air that moves ahead of the BB, lowering resistance and allowing the BB to retain more hop up energy upon exiting the barrel.  The Crazy Jet acts as if it is twice as long as its physical length and greatly improves the range and accuracy of the pistol.

Other parts that maximize the pistols performance includes:

Maple Leaf CNC finished anodized Hi Capa hop up unitMaple Leaf steel hop up armMaple Leaf I-key flat hop unitMaple Leaf 70 degree Monster buckingMaple Leaf 360 degree adjustment CNC aluminum hop up wheelPoseidon Ice Pick valveIntrudershop 150% recoil spring and hammer spring kit

These parts combine to create a seemingly conventional TM Hi Capa 50%-60% more range, enhanced accuracy (when used with heavy BBs), and amazingly flat shooting trajectory.  And by not throwing in a bunch of high end metal parts, we just saved you a bunch of moola.  Isn't that awesome?

Oh, we did swap out the ambi safety with a ZCI steel set and the mag release with a ZCI aluminum one.  You will be shooting this gun so much, we should at least beef up these critical components.



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