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Gold Devil

by AEX
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How do you make a TM 5.1 Gold Match look better?  Add more gold!  Building this one put smiles on our faces.  When we were done, we all said "Look at that lil' gold devil!" and voila, a gun was born.

The ported Gunsmith Brothers DVC slide is the perfect slide for showing off the beautiful gold UAC steel outer barrel with thread adapter.  It was only logical to use the Gunsmith Brothers gold anodized aluminum magazine well on the grip so that each "end" of the gun is properly accented with gold.

We didn't ignore the internals.  The gun is optimized for accuracy and range performance, featuring:

Maple Leaf CNC finished anodized aluminum hop up unit
Maple Leaf steel hop up arm
Maple Leaf I-key flat hop unit
Maple Leaf 360 degree adjustable CNC aluminum hop up wheel
Maple Leaf 113mm Crazy Jet barrel
Maple Leaf 70 degree Monster bucking

Gunsmith Brothers built their slides specifically for the TM 5.1 Gold Match. . Their slides require some hand fitting to fit on regular 5.1s, but they glide onto the Gold Match frame as if they came out of the same factory.

This beauty is a beast.  The Gold Devil can just sit on your shelf as a testament to the artistic potential of finely crafted airsoft guns...but it will do just as well pounding BBs downrange at some unlucky paper/person/target.

Item No: 212225

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