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TM 5.1 Gold Match LRV - Long Range Version

by Tokyo Marui
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Custom Built TM Gold Match 5.1 LRV

The TM Gold Match 5.1 is literally the gold standard for gas blowback pistols. We have taken this pistol to the next level with some really cool upgrades. First of all, we retained the iconic appearance of the Gold Match but beefed up the durability using an Intrudershop Gold Match CNC aluminum slide and a ZCI CNC aluminum gold toned outer barrel. Both these parts will ensure that your gun stays strong and good looking for a long time without adding much weight to the pistol

Next comes the LRV part - the Long Range Version upgrades. The barrel and hop up assembly has been completely replaced with a ZC CNC aluminum hop chamber and steel hop up arm. We installed a Maple Leaf 1911 Hop Up wheel to give you 360 degrees of super fine hop up adjustability. Then, we installed a Maple Leaf Delta 75 degree bucking and a Maple Leaf Crazy Jet 113mm length 6.02mm ID inner barrel.

This gun is not designed for high muzzle velocity - which still stock at around 300 fps with 110 psi green gas. What is takes advantage of is the voodoo magic that Maple Leaf uses in all their products to make their guns shoot crazy far. The Delta bucking and Crazy Jet barrel combination makes this gun shoot flat, straight, and far for at least 45 yards. Of course you have to tune the hop up depending on the weight BB you use, but with 0.30g or 0.36g BBs, you can outshoot many out of the box rifles.

With even heavier 0.40g or 0.43g BBs, this gun can put BBs out as far as 60-70 yards. However, don't expect very good accuracy during those last 10 yards.

This gun is not cheap, but it is for the discerning gas blowback pistol airsofter who demands quality and performance. We can do a lot more to this pistol, but we don't want to scare you with the resulting price. But if you want a gas blowback supergun, this is a good place to start.

Order this custom pistol as is, or feel free to contact us to discuss more upgrade options.


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