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H&K USP Compact High Power

by AEX
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H&K USP Compact High Power version

It's small but deadly.  This KWA made, H&K logo USP Compact shoots 360 fps.  That's right, 360 fps.

The hop up unit has been replaced with a Maple Leaf EVO II hop up system, and includes a 140mm long, 6.01mm tightbore barrel inside with a Maple Leaf monster bucking.  We used the cool looking little pistol silencer to conceal the extra barrel length, so no, you can't use the gun without the silencer.

Not only is the fps high, Maple Leaf's fairy pixie unicorn magic hop up system will increase the range of this pistol 40% more.

So when you're friends snicker at you bringing a pistol to a rifle fight, show them size ain't everything with this fistful of firepower.

Oh, get more mags.  This thing is so fun you won't want to stop to reload.


Item No: 212218

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