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Nuprol 3.0 Premium Green Gas CASE (16) 10.5oz cans

by Nuprol
Price $ 268.89

NUPROL 3.0 is a revolutionary gas specifically designed for use in cold weather. NUPROL 3.0 uses new gas filling technology and additives to achieve similar performance to NUPROL 2.0 at 77F but at 59F and below. A lot of research and work has gone into formulating NUPROL 3.0 and we are seeing great results. Its a must-have product for all-year gas blowback (GBB) Airsoft players.


  • 1 CASE (16) 10.5oz cans
  • Replacement for standard Airsoft green gases
  • Significant increase in overall performance

*Note: A $28.50 Hazmat is included into the price of each case (16 cans per box)

Please be aware that Nuprol 3.0 red gas is a high powered and high pressured gas which may not be suitable for most Airsoft guns under normal operating temperatures of Green Gas. Buyer assumes full responsibility when using high pressure gas.

Item# NUPROL9032

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