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AEX 2 GUN TOURNAMENT ADMISSION | August 18, 2018 @ Airsoft Extreme

by Airsoft Extreme
Price $ 25.00

10:00 AM – Registration Start
11:00 AM – Classes Start
12:00 AM – Competition Start

The AEX 2-Gun Competition puts your rifle and pistol skills to the test, compete to see who is the fastest and most accurate gunfighter in Airsoft in two challenging stages. winners will take home rifles, pistols, and more! (PRIZES LISTED BELOW!). Cost $25 per person. Only 20 competitor spots! If you have never tried this before, or do not have your own equipment, we have a full set of competition equipment for rent for $50 at the event. Also, prior to the event, we will be offering admission to the following classes:

Reactive Shooting Class +$10
Multiple Target Engagement +$10
Both Classes  +$20

 (NOTE: Classes are open only to the competitors. Choose your options on the gameplay drop-down menu above)


  • Top prize: VFC Avalon AEG rifle with Trinity Force 1-4X32/RMR combo tactical scope (courtesy of Elite Force)
  • 2nd Place: CZ P-09 gas blowback pistol with hard holster and spare magazine (courtesy of Action Sports Games)
  • 3rd Place: Elite Force CQB CO2 revolver (courtesy of Elite Force)
  • 4th Place: $60 AEX gift card
  • 5th Place: $40 AEX gift card

Special thanks to Elite Force and Action Sports Games for their generous sponsorship!


Stage 1: 
Consists of one rifle and two pistol engagements at differing ranges. Test your abilities to shoot around cover and transition between weapon platforms.

Stage 2:
A speed run with a long range rifle engagement and a fast moving pistol engagement.

 Required Equipment:
- Eye Protection (Safety Glasses are acceptable
- Rifle. Minimum 3 magazines, MIDCAPS ONLY.
- Pistol. Minimum 3 magazines, NO EXTENDED MAGAZINES.
- Rifle Sling
- Pistol Holster
    - Fastest overall time wins.

    +10 seconds for a visible miss on target
    +15 seconds for a No Shoot Target engagement
    +45 seconds for a Do Not Finish



    Reactive Shooting Class: $10:
    A 30 minute class for introductory shooters to develop basic skills in weapon drawing and transitions in reaction to threats.
    - 4 Safety Rules
    - Instruction on proper body position and form in relation to shooting and weapon draws.
    - Proper drawing of pistols from holsters will be taught and refined.
    - Transitioning from your primary weapon to your secondary weapon.
    - Correct Sight Picture in relation to sights and optics will be clarified with a Front Sight Focus technique for quick engagements.

    Multiple Target Engagement Class: $10:
    A 30 minute class for introductory shooters to develop basic skills in shooting movement with a focus on engaging multiple opponents.
    - 4 Safety Rules
    - Combat Glide technique to facilitate more accurate shots on target while moving.
    - Sight Acquisition in relation to multiple targets using the Front Sight Focus technique.
    - Trigger Control techniques to increase follow on shots for multiple targets.



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