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This gun is one of one!

The Death Kiss is a fully loaded build based on a trusted platform. Its internals have been heavily upgraded with a Maple Leaf bucking, hop-up unit, hop-up wheel, and a Crazy Jet inner barrel. If that isn't enough, the externals make you a force to be reckoned with too. The included Pro Arms treaded barrel and Spit Fire tracer unit allows you to confirm kills, the red dot makes acquiring targets easy, the light laser combo helps blind your opponents and designate targets for team members, and the HPA/M4 adapter gives you devastating firepower. This kit also includes a tank, regulator, and line meaning you can take this gun to the field straight out of the box.

This gun is the Kiss of Death your opponents never saw coming.


  • Fully licensed by GLOCK INC.
  • Patterned after the Gen 3 pistol.
  • RMR red dot
  • Metal slide
  • Metal threaded silver Barrel
  • Strong blowback action
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • HPA/M4 adapter
  • Ninja Tank 
  • Valken Regulator
  • Valken remote line 
  • EPM1-S


Overall Length: 12.5 inches
Weight: 3 lbs 
Inner Barrel Length: 113 mm
Muzzle Velocity: 280-300fps
Gas Type: HPA
System: Gas Blowback, Semi-auto
Magazine Capacity: 170 rounds
Package Includes: Pistol, Magazine, RMR red dot sight, RMR mounting plate, threaded outer barrel, Spitfire Tracer unit, HPA/M4 mag adapter, ninja tank, Valken line and regulator, Maple leaf inner barrel and hop up components,