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Compact, affordable, and addictingly fun!
WE-Tech Tactical I-Rex Hi-Capa 6.0 offers an extended barrel with a sleek black finish slide and a gold barrel, or lightning-fast split slide.
The F226 MK25 will give you the realistic feeling in your hand as you fend off your opponents in close-quarter combat with the superb performance out of the box.
WE-Tech MP4 5.0 Custom is an inexpensive entry to the high quality customized gas blowback pistol market!
A unique yet subtle design, the WE Tech Hex M9 gets 6/6 points on the cool factor!
Want a gun that you can adjust its grip to the size of your hand? The WE MP4 5.0 custom black comes with 3 additional backstraps with different sizes to fit most player’s hands.
In need of a pistol that will get you out of a tight spot or need to train for a shooting competition? The WE XOM-40 IPSC pistol will offer a great training platform as well as double as a sturdy sidearm during airsoft games.
Showingof 26 item(s)