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Elite Force Glock 17 Assassin Package

Elite Force



Save with this suppressed Elite Force Glock 17 package!

The Elite Force Glock 17 is THE most popular Glock on the airsoft market.  Built by VFC, with fully licensed Glock trademarks and logos, the gun is also an outstanding performer for both training and wargaming.  The Elite Force Glock 17 is a faithful replica of the real Glock 17, with a polymer frame and an aluminum slide and outer barrel (instead of steel).  Unlike many other Glock replicas, this Glock 17 actually matches the dimensions of the real Glock 17, allowing you to use all of your real Glock holsters and magazine pouches (if you have them).

We at Airsoft Extreme have put together an attractive combo package for you featuring the Gen3 Glock 17.  We've added a ProArms threaded outer barrel and a 155mm aluminum mock pistol suppressor to give you the "Assassin Package".  The threading on the outer barrel is removable so you can restore the appearance of a "standard" Glock 17.

At a price of $189.99, you save more than 15% over buying these parts separately!