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Equinox LIPO Cell Balancer




The Equinox LiPo Cell Balancer offers two easy ways to equalize cells and maximize pack performance. Connect it directly to a balanced pack, and its a gentle cell-by-cell discharger. It starts by bringing the voltages of all cells into balance, and then monitors each cell until its completely discharged. As a result, the voltages of individual cells end up within just a few millivolts of each other. Connect the Equinox between a balanced pack and a LiPo charger, and it brings all cells into balance at the same voltage, before charging each cell to its absolute, individual peak of power. Using the Equinox LiPo Cell Balancer to discharge or charge is good. Doing both not only ensures maximum voltage from the pack, but longer pack life, as well.


  • Easy, push-button operation
  • Automatically checks for "bad" cells
  • Charges at up to 3A (or 6A w/GPMM3163 [available separately])
  • Adapters for 7.4V and 11.1V packs included. (Adapters for 14.8V and 18.5V packs available separately [GPMM3162])
  • 8 status LEDs for easy monitoring
  • Includes gold-plated banana plugs
  • Compact: 3.2 x 1.6 x 0.6 in (82 x 40 x 15 mm)
  • Lightweight: 1.55 oz (44 g)
  • Overload-protected

Equinox Connected To Battery
Connect the Equinox to a 2-5 cell (7.4V-18.5V) pack in "Quick-Balance Mode", and it simultaneously balances cell voltages while discharging each cell at a gentle 120mA rate. Discharging terminates when each cell reaches 2.75V. Works with all LiPo packs series-wired for balancing.

Equinox Connected To Battery And Charger
In "Interface Mode", the Equinox balances and maintains voltages until each cell reaches its maximum charge (4.2V!). More volts mean more power and more performance for every model, including 3D aerobats! Because cells are balanced, individual cells cant be overcharged. This not only prevents pack failures, but helps packs last longer, too. It eliminates the need for special "balancing" LiPo chargers ¬?? and works with the Dura Trax Onyx 230 Charger.
Part# GPMM3160