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Amomax Hard Shell Holster, Glock TM/KJW/WE/EF Right Hand Black

Becoming real tired of your cloth holster hitting your pistol’s magazine release causing your magazine damage as it hits the ground? Equip an Amomax hard shell holster for your pistol and know that your pistol is securely held in place!
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Amomax Hard Shell Holster, Glock TM/KJW/WE/EF Right Hand Black

The usual loadout you will see out at the airsoft field is a rifle accompanied by a pistol as a sidearm. The pistol is normally held in a holster but the material of the holster is very important. If the player uses a cloth holster, they run the risk of the holster pressing the magazine release and damaging the magazine when it hits the ground.

The Amomax hardshell holster locks your handgun in the trigger guard retention. When the player presses the release button the holster releases the pistol for a quick draw. The holster stays away from the player's body where it isn’t able to contact the magazine release. The Amomax holster lineup is the go-to brand for players who want their pistols secured safely as they play on the field.


  • Quick-release button
  • Included waistband mount
  • Lightweight design


Compatibility: Tokyo Marui, KJW, WE, VFC and other G Series pistols
Hand: Right Hand
Color: Black
Material: Polymer

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