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King Arms 0.20g biodegradable BB, 5000 ct, White

King Arms

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King Arms Platinum Series BBs are world renowned for being one of the highest quality, most accurate BBs available. Each BB is precision molded, ultrasonically cut, and then highly polished for a consistent 5.95mm outer diameter, with no greater than a +/- 0.01mm variation.

Platinum Series BBs are Made in Taiwan, and are guaranteed to be seamless, perfectly spherical, and to have a centered bubble or no bubble. What this means is that the BBs have a consistent density throughout the volume of the BB, maximizing the straightness of its flight path and enhancing the accuracy of your airsoft gun.

If you have a long barreled airsoft gun or have upgraded your airsoft gun with a tightbore barrel, you will see marked improvement in the effective range and shot grouping of your airsoft gun compared to other brands of BBs.

In a third party study done in early 2014, King Arms Platinum Series BBs were compared to 3 top Japanese brand BBs and 2 top Taiwanese brand BBs. In manufacturing quality, King Arms outranked all but on the of the Taiwanese brands, and outperformed all but one of the Japanese brands. The sole Taiwanese brand that performed comparably with the King Arms Platinum BB was more expensive by more than 15% per BB.

King Arms Platinum BBs offer the discriminating airsoft player high performance BBs at a highly competitive price.