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Introducing the BattleMax custom! Featuring several improvements of the classic 4.3 model, the BattleMax offers race gun performance and styling! 

Built for speed right out of the gate, the BattleMax sports a lightweight aluminum milled LimCat 4.3 slide in purple with a modern cutout design to reduce mass and cycle time. The rear sight is now mock suppressor or tracer unit ready, providing a crisp sight picture when paired with the new green fiber optic front sight.  

Internally, the BattleMax is bad ass with the entire Maple leaf set up: a crazy jet inner barrel 91mm, Decepticon 60-degree bucking, and a new hop up chamber with steel Hop up arm and I key. Externally it's been upgraded With the Airsoft Masterpiece LimCat Battlecat 4.3" slide, the Airsoft Masterpiece 3.9" frame, an aluminum outer barrel, a 4.3" aluminum guide rod, and a 4.3 aluminum guide rod plug ALL in PURPLE! The Cowcow T1 flat trigger, shuriken grip screw, and the extended mag release are a beautiful as well as functional addition in an amazing Heat Gradation color. Rounding out the pistol is a lightweight, Skeletonized hammer. This gun is designed to turn your cover fire into hell fire.  


  • Airsoft Masterpiece Custom "Alpha" Standard Slide for 5.1 Hi Capa / 1911 Purple
  • AIP 120% Enhanced Recoil / Hammer Spring for Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 / 4.3
  • Maple Leaf WE/TM Hop Wheel
  • Maple Leaf Autobot Hopup Bucking for GBB / VSR 60 Degree
  • Maple Leaf Hop Up Set with Base, I Key, and Arm for TM / WE HI CAPA
  • Maple Leaf Crazy Jet TM GBB Barrel 113mm for Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hi Capa
  • Nine Ball TM Hi Capa 5.1 Non-Recoil Threaded SAS Barrel ZSRT Zombie Green
  • CowCow Match Grade T01 Magwell Rainbow
  • Lightweight modern slide for fast cycling
  • Integrated 20mm accessory rail
  • Red fiber front sight 
  • Extended slide catch and reinforced stop
  • High capacity 31 round magazine


Overall Length: 8.5 inches
Weight: 1.2 lbs
Inner Barrel Length: 112.5 mm
Muzzle Velocity: 315-320 fps (Green Gas)
Gas Type: HFC 134a*
System: Gas Blowback
Color: Black / Gold and purple
Magazine Capacity: 31
Package Includes: Gun, one magazine