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Tokyo Marui NGRS (Next Gen Recoil Shock) AK47 90 rnd Magazine Black

Tokyo Marui



Tokyo Marui NGRS (Next Gen Recoil Shock) AK47 90 rnd Magazine Black

Enjoy shooting your Recoil Shock AK47 for longer with a few spare magazines from Tokyo Marui! Each magazine is made with typical TM quality, sporting a realistic look and solid construction. Keeping in line with the new features on the Next-Gen AK47, each magazine will trip the bolt hold open mode and feed every bb in its 90 rd capacity!

Made with a stamped steel look and aluminum shell the body is realistically detailed and durable. the extended follower is contoured to feed smoothly and the steel spring will keep up with any bb weight and cycle speed. The bolt hold-open feature is unique to the Tokyo Marui Next-Gen AK47 and these magazines are made specifically for that model only!


  • Realistic Construction
  • 90 rd capacity
  • Unique bolt lock
  • Extended follower feeds every round.


Compatibility: Tokyo Marui AK47 Next-Gen only
Capacity: 90 rounds
Color: Black
Materials: Aluminum

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Tokyo Marui NGRS (Next Gen Recoil Shock) AKS47


Tokyo Marui