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After the events in Foreign and Domestic 2, the Russians have penetrated the Canadian MAPLES defensive cordon.  They are driving towards Antioch to link up with the Korean forces pushing up from Monterey, foregoing securing their flanks and rear in an effort to reach their logistical resupply coming up the San Francisco Bay.

The Koreans have been delayed by harassment attacks by scattered US forces and armed citizenry.  As a result, the Russians will arrive first in Antioch.  The beleaguered US government – coping with localized Special Forces attacks throughout the country – has granted permission to MAPLES to pursue the Russians into US territory.  Meanwhile, the local militia in Antioch has formed and thrown up hasty defenses in preparation to repel the invading Russian forces.

With grim determination and steely grips on their weapons, invader and defender alike are preparing for the next clash of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.


Saturday, August 29, 2015
Gamepod Combat Zone
8:30 AM registration, 10 AM game start

$40 advanced registration

$45 registration at the field


Russians – Green based camo Patterns (Player limit: 100)
Canadian MAPLES – Tan based camo patterns (Player limit: 25)
Antioch Citizen's Militia – Civilian dress (Player limit: 75)

Game One

"The Russians are coming!"

(Run Time – 40min)

The Russians have reached the city, with the Canadian MAPLES trailing behind. The Antioch militia are preparing for their attack, thanks to early warnings from US Government assets. 


Russians: Gain a strong hold on the city; hold control of the Gas Station, South Park High School, Shooters Bar, Gun Shop, and Bates Motel. Maintain full control of all 5 locations until end of game.

Militia: Resist the takeover. Maintain full control of at least one of the targeted buildings.

MAPLES: Capture and hold the South Park High School.  Provide Civilians with support.

Start Points: 

Russians: Start at 4th Street Respawn.

Militia: Start within the walls of any building.

MAPLES: Start 10 minutes after the beginning of the game, and enter through main field entrance.

Respawn Points: 5 man respawn rule in effect!

Russians: 4th Street respawn 

Militia: Bail Bonds respawn

MAPLES: Bail Bonds respawn 

Game Two

"Don't turn around, oh oh! Commisar's in town, oh no!

(Run Time – 40 min)

The Russians have managed to acquire control of part of the city (Killhouses 1-4).  However, they are low  on supplies.  The Russians need to ransack the town of food, ammo, and medical supplies, and a Russian Commissar has arrived to direct the search.  The militia needs to prevent their resupply, while the MAPLES is eager to capture the Commissar for his intelligence value.


Russians – 

#1) Collect boxes of food from the Gas Station/Fast Food building/Shooter’s Bar. Collect bottles of water from the Gas Station and Mini Mart. Collect boxes of ammo from the Gun Shop/Office Building. Collect boxes of batteries from Cell Shop.  Bring all supplies back to the respawn points.  Russians shot while carrying supplies must drop them where shot.  The Militia can then pick them up and hide them in buildings around the field.

#2) Protect the Commissar while collecting supplies. Rescue Commissar if necessary.

 *Commissar – Can move freely by his/her own choice. If shot, Commissar stays in place for 2 minutes, then is able to continue moving about. MAPLES must have 2 players place a hand on each shoulder to move Commissar around the map, and to keep Commissar in place.

Militia - Prevent the Russians from collecting their necessary supplies by preventing their capture.  Russians shot while carrying supplies must drop them where shot.  The Militia can then pick them up and hide them in buildings around the field.  However, captured supplies cannot be taken back from the Russians once collected in the respawn points.  

MAPLES – Find, capture, and hold Commissar at the Office building until the end of the game for “questioning.”

Start Points:

Russians: Street A

Militia: Airway Blvd

MAPLES: Apartments 1, 2, 3

Respawn Points: Instantly respawn once within respawn point.

Russians: INSIDE the walls of Killhouses 1-4.

Militia: Bail Bonds Respawn

CANADIAN MAPLES: Bail Bonds Respawn

Game Three

"Through hail, sleet, or snow..."

(Run Time – 40 min)

U.S. covert operatives have delivered information vital to the MAPLES efforts against the Russians. Unfortunately, the packages were all at the Post Office. Unknowingly, the Russians scattered all the information throughout the city after they ransacked the city. The information may help turn the tables… or it may be too late to be helpful. 


Russians: Find the packages before the MAPLES do. Bring them to the Killhouses for storage.

Militia: Help the MAPLES find the packages and bring them to the jail.

MAPLES: Find the info packages, and bring them back to the Jail.

Start Points:

Russians: Killhouses 1-4

Militia: Airway Blvd

MAPLES: Airway Blvd

Respawn Points: Instant respawn once within repawn point.

Russians: INSIDE the walls of Killhouses 1-4.

Civilians: Bail Bonds Respawn.

CANADIAN MAPLES: Bail Bonds Respawn.

Game Four

"Hit the road..."

(Run Time – 40 min)

Taking the town is taking too long.  The Russians need to get to the port, get their supplies, and move on to their military objectives.


Russians: Bring any captured supplies from the kill houses to the plane. Get all Russians members into and around the Airport to provide protection while preflight preparations are made (End of game).

Militia: Don’t let the Russians take your supplies!

MAPLES:  Protect the Airport!  Having one MAPLES member in the Airport at the end of the game results in Russian defeat!  (it just takes one MANPADS to shut down a whole airport…)


Start Points:

Russians – “A” Street

Civilians – INSIDE any building

MAPLES – Airway Blvd


Respawn Points: 5 man respawn rule.

Russians: 4th Street Respawn

Civilians: Bail Bonds Respawn

MAPLES: Bail Bonds Respawn 



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