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The final stand is here. Russian and Korean Forces have linked up for a final drive to the state capitol. Before them stand the combined force of the Maples and US Special Forces Task Force. At stake is the future of California... and desperate times call for desperate measures. The line has been drawn, Join us for the Finale, Foreign and Domestic 5!


Saturday, October 10, 2015
Outlaws Recreation Park
8:30 AM registration, 10 AM game start

$40 advanced registration

$45 registration at the field


Green Team ( us woodland, tiger stripe, flecktarn, Atacs FG, Marpat)
Russia and Korea

Tan Team (Multicam, Digital desert marpat, us desert, Atacs AU, ACU)
Maples and USSF

Game One

"THE EAGLE AND THE BEAR" - (run time 1 hour)

As the opposing forces enter the area they scramble to secure bases to conduct patrols. Scattered throughout the area are supply dumps vital to continue the fight.

Green and Tan Team Objectives
1) Drive through to capture as many flag bases as possible and/or force the enemy out of bases
2) Collect as many supply boxes as possible and return them to friendly bases. Stealing supplies from the enemy is also allowed.

Green Team Spawn
Start at the road at the field entrance.
10 second respawn at start point or any uncontested friendly flag base.

Tan Team Spawn
Start at the tree line at the opposite end of the field.
10 second respawn at start point or nearest uncontested friendly flag base.

Game Two

"BROKEN ARROW!" - (run time 1 hour)

During the initial fighting, a small plane makes a crash landing. ON board were a small team of special forces members escorting a weapon capable of driving out the Russian and Korean forces. Both teams scramble to recover the team and device.

Green Team Objective
Hunt and kill the special forces team and recover the device.
Once the team is killed, the device must be defended in place for 5 minutes.

Green Team Spawn
Start at any friendly flag base controlled at the end of of Game 1 or at the original start position.

Tan Team Objective
Recover and escort special forces team and device off of the field to the tan origin point. If team is killed, must defend device in place for 5 minutes.

Tan Team Spawn
Start at any friendly flag base controlled at the end of of Game 1 or at the original start position.

Only the SF Team may move the device. SF Team members have 2 lives (1 respawn). 30 seconds respawn in place.

Game Three

"END GAME" - (run time 1 hour)

Option 1: The Russians have the device and are prepping to use it to eliminate the last of the opposition and clear the road to the capitol!

Green Team Objective
Defend device in place outside of the command trailer for the game duration.

Tan Team Objective
Punch through green team defenses and defuse the bomb.

Option 2: Tan team have secured the device and move to deploy it. Faced with destruction, green team prep to evacuate.

Green Team Objective
Prevent tan team from planting device at the command trailer until game end.

Tan Team Objective
Push and place device to command trailer. Hold device in position at command trailer for 2 minutes to arm and fire device.

Green Team Spawn
Start in and around city. 
Respawn at back field road; 3 lives each (2 respawns)

Tan Team Spawn
Start at any point outside of city.
Respawn 150ft from city limit; 5 lives each (4 respawns)

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