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Poseidon TM/WE Air Cushion Barrel

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The all new Poseidon Air Cushion barrel features a new patented Air Track Inner Bore design that creates an optimal air cushion around the BB, allowing the BB to go through the barrel at a higher speed with more consistency. Combined with a Air Relief Divergence feature that diverts the air turbulence created the moment the BB exits the barrel. These technologies combined provide optimal flight and trajectory, ensuring unrivaled range and accuracy. Designed specifically for high performance airsoft guns and serious performance airsoft players who demand the best.


  1. Compatible with any TM, WE, or KJW gas powered pistol or submachinegun
  2. Designed for High Performance Airsoft Guns
  3. Air Relief Divergence Technology minimizes air turbulence when BB exits the barrel
  4. Patented Air Cushion Technology with extreme Accuracy and Range
  5. Precision CNC Machined Copper Manganese Alloy & Electroless Coating Nickel Construction

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