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Maple Leaf 2016 Macaron Hop Up Rubber for AEG

by Maple Leaf
Price $ 9.99

New for 2016! Maple Leaf has updated their legendary Monster bucking design to the ‚Äö????????Macaroon‚Äö??????? standard. Taking the original Monster hop up shape, they‚Äö????????ve tweaked it to squeeze out even more range from your AEG by increasing the hop up energy retained by your BB. Pair this bucking with your favorite AEG tightbore barrel (and by favorite, we mean a Maple Leaf tightbore AEG barrel) and watch your AEG outrange your opponents! Unless, of course, they also have a Maple Leaf set up in their gun, in which case you can just pelt each other from really long distances.

The ambient temperature and velocity of your BBs dictate what hardness you should use.

Hardness Temperature OR Velocity
50 Cold to Freezing Any
60 Cold to Temperate


70 Temperate 350-400 fps
75 Temperate to Hot 400-450 fps
80 Temperate to Hot 450+ fps

Please note that the older style Monster buckings have been phased out of production. While still effective, they are of an older design.

These are most effective when used in conjunction with the Maple Leaf Hop Up Tensioner (not included). Modification to your hop up applicator arm is required for proper fitting of the tensioner.

Item Code:
H07M50 2016 Macaroon AEG Hop Up Bucking, 50¬?
H07M60 2016 Macaroon AEG Hop Up Bucking, 60¬?
H07M70 2016 Macaroon AEG Hop Up Bucking, 70¬?

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