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7.4V 2500 mah 15C LiPo Mini Battery

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7.4V 2500 mah 15C LiPo Mini Battery

  • High discharge rate, can power 400+ FPS AEGs
  • 2500 mah, will last around 2500 - 3000 shots on one charge @ 400fps!
  • Same size as most common mini battery and will fit just about where minis can fit.

Warning: Lithium Polymer batteries can cause fire or explosive damage is charged, stored, or handled improperly. Follow all necessary safety and storage precautions and use the correct charger type when using Lithium Polymer batteries. AEX recommends the Lipo battery storage bag LPGuard18x22 to safely store and charge your LiPo batteries.

Part# M742500L
Part# M742500L

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