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AEX Bushmaster

by AEX
Price $ 269.99

Part# OEG009

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Hearken back to the days of yore when there were other guns besides M4s! The Extreme Series Bushmaster updates the classic bush rifle, used by real men who fought with real guns across tracts of desert and swaths of jungle. But since we are not busting through brush or dropping baddies at 800m, we will settle for a gun with a rail system and holds 500 rounds in the magazine…that is not an M4 or AK. If you have never experienced the pleasure of CETME, SLR or FAL design, you don’t realize just how these guns point and shoot so naturally. The stock is fixed. Get a big battery. Lipo if you must…cuz it is LIPO READY.

•Length: 33 "
•Weight: 5.5lbs
•Inner barrel length: 285mm
•Caliber: 5.95mm
•Velocity: 390 - 400fps (0.20g BB)
•Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.03mm
•Enhanced Version 2 Gearbox
•9mm bearing bushings
•One piece metal hopup unit
•QD Spring System
•Steel High Torque Gears
•High Torque Motor (M130 spring ready)

Airsoft Extreme is proud to present the Extreme Series electric airsoft rifles.  These rifles are designed for players by players.  AEX is working closely with the best airsoft manufacturers in the world to bring you top end airsoft rifles that are jammed packed with modern combat rifle features at an amazing price.

Every one of these guns features a full metal receiver, one piece outer barrel, metal rail system, high capacity magazine, and battery in the stock.  A 6.03mm tightbore barrel comes standard with every gun to deliver range and accuracy out of the box.  The gearbox is built to last, with 9mm bearing bushings, steel high torque gears, high strength polycarbonate piston, and a quick change spring system.  The motor is a high torque motor that delivers both power and high rate of fire.  Every Extreme Series rifle delivers 400 fps firepower and is truly LiPo battery ready. 

Stop being confused by all the claims other makers and retailers make about their “high end” AEGs.  Only AEX’s Extreme Series rifles live up to their name -- and their promise.

*Package available only while supplies lasts.*

*Some items may be substituted.*

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