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AI Oil Pump Kit

by Airsoft Innovations
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The Oil Pump Kit includes: an oil pump, two different weights of silicone oil and two tank hang tags. This simplifies the AI Gungas Propane Adaptor Kits refilling process. This is done by injecting the silicone into the propane tank instead of adding drops to the tanks neck every ten magazine fills. This means you no longer have to remember where you are in the lubrication cycle for each magazine.

Note: Use of this kit requires an AI Gungas Propane Adaptor Kit which is sold separately.

  • Airsoft Innovations Oil Pump Kit.
  • This kit allows for you to easily fill your 18-ounce or less sized, disposable steel propane tank with the amount of either GBB or Tornado silicone oil.
  • It only takes a couple of minutes to oil your propane tank with this kit.
  • Fill your propane tank once and your good for the life of the propane tank.
  • Included is a bottle of 1.5wt ultra-light silicone oil that is specifically formulated to condition the seals and sliding parts in all Tornado Grenades. This helps maintain the accuracy of the timer function in the Timer Grenades.
  • Included are 2 reusable hang tags for the proper labeling (GBB or Grenades) of the newly lubricated propane tanks.
  • Made in Canada


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