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AI Tornado Distraction Device Kit

by Airsoft Innovations
Price $ 16.96


This kit is an add-on conversion kit for the Impact Grenade. The Impact Grenade is sold separately.

The Airsoft Innovations Impact Distraction Device (DD) kit is a simple accessory kit which converts the popular Impact grenade into an effective DD! Switch out a few parts and you can convert your Impact Tornado from being a fragsim grenade into a DD.

Cool features:

¬? Propane and HFC134a powered.
¬? Completely re-useable. Just reload gas and change a low cost burst disc (12pc included).
¬? Loud!
¬? Offers interesting game possibilities e.g. doesnt frag your hostage scenarios.
¬? Completely reversible installation. Swap back and forth between fragsim and DD configuration.
¬? One glance and you can tell if your grenade is configured for DD or fragsim.


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