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Andax Works TangoDown ARC Shell BLK 1PC

by Tango Down
Price $ 19.99

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Andax Works introduces the OFFICIALLY LICENSED TangoDown ARC Magazine Shell for the WE M4 and SCAR GBB Rifles. These are polymer magazine body shells ONLY. You need to insert the original WE GBB M4 magazine internals into the Andax Works ARC mag shell to give your guns a completely new high speed looking magazine.

The patent pending ARC magazine was developed by TangoDown in cooperation with Navy Special Warfare Command and USSOCOM as part of the SCAR program to improve ¬?drop-free¬? performance, feeding reliability, durability, and weather resistance over existing M16 and SCAR rifle magazine solutions.

Below description and some photos of the real ARC magazine are used with permission from Military Moron:

The ARC utilizes polymer construction to provide smooth, dependable feeding in a corrision-proof unitized body. The body is of a two-piece, modular design - the top portion is molded only in black, and is of a different material from the lower portion. The feed lips are oversized and will take abuse that would damage aluminum or steel feed lips. The top portion has a straight feed column instead of constant radius, matching the straight magazine well of the weapons it fits into. It is designed to drop free from any weapons system, and will also seat easily in a bolt-forward weapon fully loaded wtih 30 rounds. The material/ARC mag has been tested in both cold and hot operating temperatures.

The lower portion is permanently bonded to the upper portion with industrial adhesive that exceeds the strength of the base material, and can be produced in different colours and capacities (30 rounds is the initial offering at the time of this writing). It has a radiused curve, that transitions to the straight feed in the upper portion. The lower portion is completely sealed, with no floor plate. This produces a very strong, crush-resistant 5-sided box construction. The ARC is essentially a sealed design that cannot be disassembled, the idea being to seal the inside of the magazine as much as possible from the environment when inserted into the weapon.

The lower portion has a waffle pattern molded into it, which further strengthens the walls and also provides improved purchase when gripping the mag. Serrations are molded along the front and back spines to eliminate slippage when pushing or pulling on the magazine.

*** TangoDown name and TangoDown logo are licensed U.S. trademarks by TangoDown Inc used with permission under the worldwide license by Spartan Imports Inc. ( ***


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