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Bioval 0.30g Bio BBs 3300ct.

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NEW! Biodegradeable BBs from Bioval!

  • Made of 100% natural ingredients
  • 100% inert
  • Non toxic
  • Perfectly spherical
  • 3300 shots in resealable bag
  • Conforms to EN13432 on biodegradability
  • BBBMAX: 100% Transparent 0.27g weight
  • BBBMAX: Closes the Carbon Cycle producing " A Truly Green BB"
  • In our test: We found at 35+ feet only the shooter could see the BBBMAX

Each BB is a perfect sphere with no air bubbles and made of 100% natural ingredients.

Shelf Life: There is no concern, just store the bbs in a cool, dry place. H20 alone will not start the degradation of the BBB Bio or BBBMAX Bio bb. The BBB Bio & BBBMAX Bio bbs environmental degradation time is irectly related to numerous environmental factors.

- Its better to have a smaller bb! A bb thats 5.97mm +/-: doesnt allow a player to add as much positive hop up adjustment/fine-tuning when compared to a smaller bb. The smaller bb will allow a player to add more positive hop up adjustment with out causing a jam. Thus the smaller bb will provide the ability to fine-tune a hop-up. This fine-tuning is achievable when using the BBB Bio and BBBMAX Bio

- The BBB high density & smaller size produced a more consistent FPS reading. We reference the BBB due to the fact that the average players chronos will not register the FPS of the BBBMAX.

- The BBBMAX is not just sniper ammo! Physics tells us that if the same gun shoots .27g and .20g bb; the heavier bb will Always Travel further and be less susceptible to wind and other variables, making the heavier bb more accurate. Yes, physics also tells us that the .27g bb will travel about 40fps slower than the .20g bb but due to the transparent quality of the BBBMAX the player being shot at will not see the round coming. This simple fact makes the BBBMAX perfect for all guns.


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