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New full metal model with blowback action technology
20mm flat top metal body with m16 lower receiver
4 inches metal free floating rail with finger rest panel and kac flash hider
7 inches outer barrel with steel front sight and qd LMT style rear sight
STR type stock with lipo stick 11.1 battery side vane
300rd metal magazine included (compatible with marui)
length: 630/715mm
peso: 2820g

equipped with the famous hard recoil action patented system
following the most selective test finally arrived the improved version
the relevant recoil energy action give an extraordinary feeling on the stock pad
the special non friction design give better battery save and low consume to the movable parts
unlike other blowback models the bolt system is extremely reliably and use lot of common components

-reinforced gear box with 1 joule power spring (330fps)
-steel gears and reinforced piston
-hi pressure aluminum cylinder with seal nozzle
-hi power and speed motor long axle
-new designed metal hop chamber with 170mm inner barrel

The B.R.S.S. Recoil System U.S. Patent #: 8746226 B2 (Patent Approved):

1. Buffer weight/Buffer guide rod reduces lateral movement of the buffer weight.

2. Buffer springs are located inside the buffer weight/buffer to increase buffer weight traveling distance to increase recoil.

3. Buffer weight/Buffer impacts buffer tube end cap to increase force of recoil.

4. Lightest buffer weight compared to other brands of recoil AEGs to reduce wear of gearbox internals.

5. BOLTs recoil system includes dampening springs buffer guide rod to reduce impulse shock force to increase durability and also allowing for higher rate of fire.

6. Gearbox internals are compatible with standard Tokyo Marui spec parts.

Gearbox Internals:
1. Buffer pads are installed inside the piston to reduce impact force from the buffer guide rod and the spring to increase gearboxs durability.

2.Piston body is made out of 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum with full steel tooth.

Sector Gear:
1. Stamp steel process and powder metallurgy for high strength and reduce gear noise when cycling.

Spur Gear:
1. One piece steel spur gear made with Metal Injection Molding technology.

Bevel Gear:
1. Steel powder metallurgy with 10 Anti-Reversal Cuts to minimize back spinning of the gearbox.

Anti-Reversal Latch:
1. Brand new design to match the BOLT bevel gear for more efficient back spinning breaking.

Increased Consistency and Durability
Cylinder Head
1. Machined out of solid block of 6061 aluminum with shock absorbing impact rubber.

Motor grip
1. Slim design grip for better ergonomics and closer to real firearm specification.
Internal mounting plate increases sturdiness of the mount.

Motor Grip Plate
1. Ported motor grip plate to improve venting to increase life of the motor.

Outer Barrel
1. Machined one piece 6061 aluminum outer barrel for high strength while maintaining low weight.

Inner Barrel
1. Anodized aluminum 6.00mm Tightbore barrel
250 feet effective range at 400FPS, 150 feet effective range at 350FPS.

Lower Receiver
1. Aluminum die-cast lower receiver with threaded mount for buffer tube to increase durability.

Buffer Tube:
1. Machined 6061 aluminum for high strength while maintain light weight.

Drum Type Hop-Up Chamber
1. Large hop-up adjustment wheel to increase precision of the adjustment while reduce changes cause by vibration.

-aeg replica
-300rd magazine
-instructions manual

Battery type Custom type
Connector small tamya
Model M4-stubby
Brand Bolt airsoft



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