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Compact 12V Smart Charger, Auto Shutoff

by Generic
Price $ 16.99

¬?This Universal Smart Charger is good for any NiMH /NiCd battery packs between 7.2V to 12V
¬?100-240VAC input for worldwide voltage support
¬?Compact size. Directly plug to wall socket and easy to carry.
¬?Charging current is 600 mA
¬?Designed for slow charging 7.2V-12V NiMH and NiCd Battery Pack. Built in IC will recognize battery pack voltage ( from 7.2V- 12V ) and automatically apply appropriate charging voltage without setting.
¬?Ideal for RC air battery pack and battery pack with capacity ¬?Using Pulse and Negative pulse technology ( 10% negative pulse ) for charging to protect battery from overheating and polarized during charging. Significantly increase battery packs cycle life.
¬?Automatically detect battery packs voltage, Red LED on during charging.
¬?Automatically cut-off by negative delta V when battery pack get fully charged.
¬?Protection fuse for over current, short circuit & reverse polarity protection.
¬?Charging time from approx. 30 mins to 100 mins depending on the capacity of battery.
‚??????¬?For 3000 mAh battery pack, charging time is about 5 hours
‚??????¬?for 2000 mAh battery pack , charging time is 3.5hours.
‚??????¬?For 600mAh battery pack , charging timer is about 1.2 hrs
¬?One standard Tamiya female connector installed with the charger. Ideal for charging all 7.2V, 8.4V,9.6V and 12V RC Car, RC air battery packs.
¬?One set of Clip adapter with male tamiya connector included for charging any battery packs.
¬?One connector adapter from standard Male Tamiya to Mini Female Tamiya for charging RC air battery packs. ¬?Dimension (LxWxH): 3.2" x 2.1" x 2.1" include plug (without plug 1.2")
¬?Weight: 4.3oz. (122 g)

Part# CHUN123AS

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