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Danger Werx VSR10 HE Lever Type B

by Danger Werx
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Danger Werx found a niche in the airsoft market with the KWA KMP9 products that have thoroughly impressed the airsoft industry and this time they come to us with another piece that will impress even the pickiest technician. The VSR-10 is one of the most well known sniper rifle designs in the industry and has been cloned by many companies. The issue with the VSR-10 style hop up is its weak hop up arm design, it doesnt apply enough hop up, especially on upgraded guns with heavier weight BBs, to keep the BB in the air. Danger Werx solved this issue with the High Engagement hop up levers. The improvements to the hop up lever design are immediately visible. First, the hop up adjustment angle has been greatly increased which allows for more adjustment and fine tuning than the standard arm, great for use with heavy weight BBs in an upgraded gun. Additionally, the tolerances for which the hop up lever is made is controlled very tightly, Danger Werx knows how to make a good quality airsoft part and they have worked very hard to perfect this part. An incorrectly made hop up lever can cause your shot to veer off course due to uneven pressure. The Danger Werx lever is perfectly even which eliminates the need for any type of shimming during installation. The Danger Werx VSR-10 High Engagement Hop Up Lever is perfect for any technician that is looking to get the best consistency and accuracy out of their VSR-10 or clone.

Increased Hop Up Engagement Angle
Tighter Hop Up Tolerances
Wider Adjustment Band
Type B Is best Suited for ¬?V¬? or fanged hop up rubbers


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