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Devgru Frogman Field Headset (Jedi Only)

by Devgru
Price $ 260.00


We are proud to introduce the new FROGMAN Field Headset from DEVGRU Communications. Its low profile design offers comfortable long-term wear with all the helmets including PASGT, MICH, and ACH. Also you can easily wear the Frogman with beret and ball cap or without any head gear.

Frogman headset components include:

1. Frogman components (boom mic, speaker, speaker enclosure, PTT)

2. Replaceable headnet

3. Clamper and MOLLE clips

4. Manual


The FROGMAN has a high-power speaker and high quality noise-canceling mic in the main frame. The solid, flexible boom and adjustable head net guarantee proper placement of the speaker and mic to the user for maximum sound clarity and transmission quality.

The boom mic is made of 2 major components. The most important part is the microphone module with high-quality noise-canceling condenser mic. The other part is the mic housing that has a fine-textured stainless wire net and timbal which protects the microphone module from dust, moisture and shock and filters the ambient noise. Also by installing the wind screen, noise cancellation is further improved.

The FROGMAN has a rapid-response speaker which is modular in design to improve the sound quality and reparability. Through the endless acoustic tests, we have finally made the speaker unit that has the outstanding sound-separation for better understanding of the transmission sound. The connector of the speaker unit ensures the precise transmission with less than 0.05% Sound Loss Rate.

FROGMAN is made of high-tech engineering materials that can withstand the heat, cold, moisture, and chemicals in any kind of adverse environment.

The main frame, speaker-housing, and boom mic head are made of engineering nylon fiber, also known as Zytel engineering polymer by DuPont, which is widely used in high-strength industrial plastic parts and also used in military products.

The outsized Ear Cup of FROGMAN reduces outside noise for more stable and clear transmission and also protects the ear from dust and fragments. The enormous size of the ear cup ensures enough space for comfortable wear of the headset for extended periods of time and keeps the headset in place even during violent movements. The ear-cup is made of the soft engineering polyurethane which is outstandingly chemical-resistant against sweat and is safe on human skin for extended periods of time.

The Headnet for FROGMAN is custom-made from military webbing material with careful stitching. The headnet comes in only one size but covers almost all shapes and sizes of the human head. Also with proper tension, you can experience the comfort wear of FROGMAN. The headset is expendable and replaceable.

The polycarbonate material of the PTT switch is made from the military-spec engineering plastic and can take more than 100kgs of vertical pressure. Structural improvements to the switch plate give the PTT switch water-tight capacity.

The cable of the FROGMAN is basically same as that of DevGru TM-02 Throat Mic which has been proved reliable by the various military customers. With outstanding qualities against cold, heat, chemicals, and wear, the cable ensures the smooth data transfer even in the severest environments.

The new coiled cable is now made in-house by DEVGRU Communications LLC to ensure the best sound quality and to prevent performance drop at sudden drops in temperature.

The FM-WD1 Windscreen is an essential part for the noise-canceling and protection of any boom mic system.

Since the first DevGru products. tremendous efforts have been made to ensure interoperability, cost efficiency, and flexibility of the headsets with various kinds of radios. In most cases, with only one of headsets, the user can connect to various kinds of radios from FRS to Professional and Military radios with the proper selection and installation of our connectors. Even if you change your radios, you can use our headset without any modification and only with the purchase of optional adapter for your new radio.

The new FROGMAN systems include two kinds of clips for the PTT switch; the clamper and the MOLLE clip.

The clamper clip, which has tiny nonskid claws, enables the users to attach the switch anywhere they want.

The 1-inch MOLLE clips can be easily assembled to locking attachment system gear such as MOLLE webbing systems, FSBE, CIRAS etc.

The switch box can be easily attached to both clips by Velcro. The two clips are included in FROGMAN, and can be purchased separately.

Part# FM02JE

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