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Elite Force 1911 Tactical TAN

by Elite Force
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Elite Force 1911 Tactical TAN



The Elite Force 1911 Tac comes with everything needed and more when you are looking to upgrade from a standard 1911. This pistol also comes in a custom color configuration to make it stand out in a sea of 1911s. Dont forget that the Elite Force 1911s come with the threaded tip for all of the mock suppressor fans!


  • 345 FPS w/.2g
  • All Metal Blowback
  • Custom Lower Frame in DEB
  • Double/Single action
  • 14mm orange reverse threaded tip (mock suppressor ready)
  • Adjustable Hop-up
  • Extended Grip Safety
  • Accessory Rail
  • Competition Style Sights
  • Skeleton Trigger
  • 14-rd drop-free CO2 mag
  • 60 Day Warranty


  • Caliber:¬®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®?ú ¬®‹®?ú6mm
  • Action:¬®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®?ú ¬®‹®‹®?ú ¬®‹®‹®?ú Double/Single
  • Power:¬®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®?ú ¬®‹®?ú ¬®?úCO2
  • Capacity:¬®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®?ú ¬®‹®?ú ¬®?ú14 rounds
  • Brand:¬®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®?ú ¬®‹®?ú ¬®?úElite Force
  • Rear Sight Type:¬®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®?ú ¬®‹®‹®‹®?úFixed
  • Front Sight Type:¬®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®?ú ¬®?ú ¬®‹®‹®?úFixed
  • Ammo Type:¬®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®?ú ¬®‹®‹®?ú ¬®?úBBs
  • Total Length in Inchs:¬®?ú ¬®?ú ¬®‹®?ú9"
  • Velocity-FPS:¬®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®‹®?ú ¬®?ú345 FPS


Part# EF1911TACTAN

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