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Elite Force MILSIM MAX BIO .32g 2700 ct.

by Elite Force SALE
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Elite Force is one of the newest BB manufacturers on todays airsoft market, and their BBs have been a huge hit. These BBs are as close to a perfect 6.00mm as you can get. Rather than keeping their BBs in a flimsy, hard to handle and reseal bag like other brands, Elite Force BBs come in an easy to handle and easy to store bottle so you dont have to worry about a bag tipping over and making a mess. To make them even better, these Biodegradable BBs will even decompose over time in a non-toxic, environmentally friendly way. They are great for extended outdoor operations that require players to use biodegradable BBs. The heavier weight makes them significantly less susceptible to cross winds and can greatly help increase the accuracy of your shots.


  • Brand: Elite Forece
  • Model: 2279064
  • Weight: .32 grams
  • Rounds: 2700 ct

Part# EF32BB2700MAX

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