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Gunner DVD Magazine Vol 2

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Gunner Military DVD Magazine is an action-packed Japanese periodical video magazine that showcases the latest small arms weapons, the general military, and special forces units from around the world. Although the primary narration is in Japanese, all interviews with and narrations by Americans are in English.

ROST 2005

The latest Eastern bloc weapons are rarely seen AK variants from the firearms manufacturers in the former Soviet Union are shown along with special forces live fire tactics demonstrations.


Spetsnaz shows their stuff in a live fire CQB demonstration.

Sig Sauer

Sig Sauers factory is toured and weapons are demonstrated.


Barrett weapons factory and weapons are showcased including their .50cal rifles and the M468 SPC.

Low-Light Technique

Low Light CQB techniques are described and demonstrated by Strategos International


Strategos CQB complete fighting system is demonstrated

Heckler and Koch Defense

In this installment, Gunner visits H&K factorys weapons room which holds all the H&K guns ever made including very rare prototypes.

SOF Week 2006

Gunner visits the SOF Week industry trade show that showcases the latest hi-tech weapons systems.


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