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KWA Biodegradable BBs (.20g /.25g / .28g)

by KWA
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The best BBs on the market just got better! After a long wait, KWA Biodegradable BBs are finally here!

Stay eco-friendly and field compliant without sacrificing performance with the all-new KWA biodegradable BBs. The three different available weights come in three distinct colors for easy recognition in your KWA Speedloader, but also come in a resealable bag for storage. Now you can play or train with BBs that provide the same superior performance youve come to expect from KWA BBs.

The BBs are available in the follow weights and quantities:

0.20g- 5,000 rds.

0.25g- 4,000 rds.

0.28g- 4,000 rds.

Part# KWA20BIO5000 | KWA25BIO4000 | KWA28BIO4000

Weight 1.25 lbs

Automatic Electric Gun (AEG), Electric Recoil Gun (ERG), Gas Blowback Pistol (GBBP), Gas Blowback Rifle (GBBR), Gas Submachine Gun (SMG)


AKG-74M, AKG-74SU, AKG-KCR, ATP, ATP Auto, HK45, KG36C, KM4 Commando, KM4 CQR Series, KM4 KM16BR, KM4 KR Series, KM4 SR Series, KM4A1, KMP9, KMP9R, KP45 NS2, Kriss Vector, kz.61 Skorpion, kz.75, LM4 PTR, LM4 RIS PTR, LM4C PTR, M11A1 NS2, M1911 MK I PTP, M1911 MK II PTP, M1911 MK III PTP, M1911 MK IV PTP, M1911A1- New, M226 PTP, M9 PTP, M9 Tactical PTP, M93R II NS2, MK23 US Socom, MKV, MP7A1, RM4 PTS CQB, RM4 PTS Scout, RM4A1, TT-33, USP, USPC, USPM, USPT

Bio BB Weight

0.20g (5,000), 0.25g (4,000), 0.28g (4,000)

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