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KWA MKV Makarov

by KWA
Price $ 134.95

The Makarov pistol resulted from a design competition for replacing the Tokarev TT-33 semi-automatic pistol and the Nagant M1895 revolver. Nikolai Makarov took up the German wartime Walther ‚Äö????????Ultra‚Äö??????? design, fundamentally an enlarged Walther PP, utilizing the 9???18mm Makarov cartridge designed by B.V. Semin in 1946. The Makarov pistol was of straight blowback operation, with the 9???18mm Makarov cartridge being the most powerful cartridge it could safely fire.

The KWA MKV is an extremely lightweight, compact sidearm. Featuring full metal construction, working safety, and integrated, fixed iron sights, the KWA MKV is the perfect pistol to fill out any Russian themed load out.

Caliber 6mm
Magazine Capacity 10 rounds
Gas System New Structure 2 [NS2]
Propellant Green Gas

Dim. / Wt

Inner Barrel Diameter:
Inner Barrel Length:
Overall Length:
Overall Height:

6.05 mm
77 mm
16.50 cm [6.50"]
12.7 cm [5.0"]
0.58 kg [1.28 lbs]

Performance Velocity:
Energy Output with 0.20g BB:
85 MPS [280 FPS]
0.73 Joules
Special Features
  • Lanyard Loop
  • Functional Safety
  • Rear Slide Serrations
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Gas Operated Recoil Blowback
  • Full Metal Alloy Contruction
  • Realistic Construction and Field Stripping

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