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Maple Leaf Crazy Jet Inner Barrel for GBB Pistol

by Maple Leaf SALE
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As with all inner barrels, faster velocity air escapes around the BB as it travels down the barrel in the gap between the BB and the inner surface of the barrel. Maple Leaf harnesses that wasted energy and channels it through a proprietary muzzle design that creates a tunnel in front of the muzzle. This tunnel performs two functions:

  • It pushes aside the still air in front of the muzzle, eliminating resistance from the denser, still air in front of the muzzle as the BB exits the barrel. This allows the BB to retain much more of its velocity (kinetic energy) and hop up (backsping energy), resulting in greater range.
  • The channeled air creates a funnel of high velocity air in front of the muzzle, resulting in a virtual barrel through which BB flies along a straighter path, resulting in improved accuracy.

As with any airsoft gun, the result is greatly affected by environmental factors such as wind, humidity, and the general mayhem of airsoft combat.
Crazy Jet barrels are designed to work with any Maple Leaf GBB bucking and with any existing WE and KJW design that replicates the traditional Tokyo Marui design. For Tokyo Marui GBBs, pay close attention to whether or not you have the traditional TM hop up design or the new two-piece hop design. These barrels will NOT work with the new two piece hop up designs.

Item Codes:
CJ97 | CJ113 |CJ138 | CJ150

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