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NB TM M&P9 90mm 6.03mm Barrel

by Laylax
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A tightbore inner barrel for the TM SW P9, this metal barrel offers a 6.03mm inner diameter; regarded by many as the sweet spot diameter, 6.03 is tight enough to increase power efficiency, stability and flow reliability whilst still being wide enough to accept a broad variety of ammo brands.

6.01mm is tighter offering even more power effectiveness and reliability but the extremely tight tolerances demand only specific premium brands often rejecting larger pellets completely. 6.03mm is a great compromise, particularly in pistols where you can not really justify the use of premium ammunition over only short range engagements. Combine that with the economical edge that SA barrels have on other brands, this may not be the supreme choice for the perfection-seeking shooter but for the practical operator Airsofter it is probably one of the best choices available.

  • Manufactured by Nine Ball
  • Metal Construction
  • Length: 90mm
  • Diameter: 6.03mm


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