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The Battle of Mogadishu (also referred to as the Battle of the Black Sea) or for Somalis The Day of the Rangers was a battle that was part of Operation Gothic Serpent that was fought on October 3 and 4, 1993 in Mogadishu, Somalia. Forces of the United States, supported by UNOSOM II, battled against Somali militia fighters loyal to warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid, with support from armed civilian fighters. Task Force Ranger, which consisted of an assault force made up of US Army Delta Force, US Army Rangers, an air element provided by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR), four Navy SEAL operators from SEAL Team 6, and members of the Air Force Pararescue/Air Force Combat Controllers, executed an operation which involved traveling from their compound on the outskirts of the city to capture tier one members of the Habr Gidr clan, headed by Warlord Aidid. In the course of the operation, two U.S. UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters were shot down by rocket-propelled grenades which began an urban battle that lasted throughout the night.

Operation Irene VIII: The Day of the Rangers, is set to pay tribute to those lost in the real fight and recreates elements of the infamous battle as Col. Danny McKnight and 1SG Matt Eversman, joined by MSG Howard Mad Max Mullen lead participants from around the country arrayed as Task Force Ranger and Warlord Aidids (portrayed by former Russian Airborne SGT Igor Dobroff) Freedom Fighter militiamen in combat. The setting is the Zussman Urban Combat Training Center at Ft. Knox, KY, the premier US Army MOUT site in the US, where the battle will once again rage to decide the outcome. Will Task Force Ranger be successful in capturing the Warlord and bringing peace and stability to the city, or will the Warlord reign in terror and chaos? Find out now!

Part# IRENE8

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