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OP: Lion Claws 8 DVD

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At the end of the military exercise in the Republic of Tehachaipi, General Disarray and his Russian associate Sgt. Dobroff helped War Lord Miller break out of the maximum security prison. UN Intel located General Disarray, now President Disarray, ruling over the Republic of Hesperistan in the high desert.

The rugged desert and unforgiving mountains of Hesperistan have long been a convenient hiding place for terrorists, and a traffic corridor for illegal weapons and contraband. The recent "democratic" elections proved to be only a campaign of terror that allowed the nefarious General Disarray to legitimize his control over the entire region. The UN has reported widespread voter intimidation and intelligence analysts have asserted that the political pariah, Warlord Miller, and the relentless rabble-rouser Sgt. Dobroff are the real power holders in this dangerous and inhospitable region.

Armed with special weapons and special operators, Task Force McKnight will clash with Task Force Mullen, each believing to be acting the "most appropriate way" to stabilize and enforce international law in Hesperistan. But, the land itself resists authority, and is rife with struggle! These forces will have to work fast and hard if they hope to gain a foothold in this treacherous country.

Operation Lion Claws VIII - SPECIAL OPERATIONS, be ready to deploy May 22, 2009. It will take more than luck.

Part# OPLC8

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